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Diana Richard






Maire Blair was born at Khartoum in the south of Sudan on March 16, 1785. Her parents were sold to an American Missionary Gavin Jerne in the Fall of 1796. Maire was then sold to a Local Elite Edison Wyatt.  She was tall dark and beautiful her skin was Silk and Reindeer Like Cinnamon, her eyes were sharp like silver in lighting.  with curly tangled hair, Maira studied to the style of braiding and Weaving at the Age eighteen What made her eccentric was the purity within her, enslaved to her Master she spent her days dedicated to Harvesting Sugarcane and Working in the Diary. 


Later Spring Maire was Strangled by a freeman she was only twenty-eight her body was exposed in the White Nile, she was drowned and dreaded, her skin was patched and sliced. Her eyes were dissected, and her jaws were swollen. There was so much little information on her death and the Case was dismissed, classified as Ritual Incarceration and it was ruled out by the sheriff.


My name is Diana Barns I am a graduate student at the University of Minnesota What makes Maire’s revered and rare is her journey through time. I first encounter Maire Blair, fall of the University of Minnesota Twin cities she was eccentric with youth her eyes, and a mutual lure was formed on both ends. I’d love to say she was cautious and discreet well reserved and peculiar. We were both graduate students studying physics and anatomy. I was intrigued by the scars in Maire Expression, but I was so fresh to ask my curiosity about them. She bragged about her success and Wishes to visit the great Athens to further her education.


but the little I would have known is the mystery she possessed. The day that that Altered the Destiny of Minneapolis was September 29th I call it the devils day and it was, 8:00 am it was Homecoming, the parades were chimed with glitter the cheerleaders were sassed with harmony the crowd was marching in bands. Maire had gone disappeared for three weeks I kept blowing her phone with hopes she would answer, I just assumed that she needed her space because were both foreigners in this country. But I had no idea she was crafting a dudgeon of deception.


It was approximately 1:00 pm. I sighted the silence in the Hallways of the university center. It was as if I was hiking alone in a ghost town and I felt my skin creep with gust and fear. as I approached the main entrance I was meet with disgusts and anguish, thickened bodies and Plaited skins, on the surface floor, soaked with fresh Blood I could hear screams from the vault, the exact number thirty men and women were at the Murdered on that day. bareness and nudity were displayed in the passageway of the University Center.


The Front Hall was flooded with blood and murdered with body parts. all I could retain was the roars in my speech, I tumbled flat in the cold floor, and the last thing I recall were the echoes of sirens. when I gained conscious, I surrounded by two men with black robes, all I could do was shiver with ache, one them, grabbed a chair and got closer “he asked if I was attentive of my surroundings, I nodded with the confusion.



I was later admitted to St Clairs Hospital and it had been two days since the catastrophe at the university. 


With crispy accent she introduced herself as Dictetive Maxton. “I would like you to identify this portrait for me”.


 She pulled up an old photo to my surprises I nodded my head without hesitation she clarified that Maire was the key suspect in the mass murder of fifty Caucasian’ men and women, who happened to be a part of the community. I wobbled with disbelief “how could someone so close to me commit such act of injustices? I crumbled with tears. I gave my testimonial and I had no communication with Maire for all most three weeks. The next morning, I was discharged and taken back to my dorm room. I called my family and the best decision was to transfer to another state for the wellness of mental health. 


It was Monday lunchtime I recall the silence the silence of summer, all was vague and dull, I sat alone detained with unanswered questions, suddenly!   a woman walked towards me and held “it’s time you help us understand who really was Maire Blair? She introduced herself as Meredith crane “I am the head of the National Psychosis investigation Unity and I want your help in search of Maire Blair’.  


 We raided Maire apartment in East creek 731 heron dr. Mankato. The apartment was bare and lofty. But there is one thing that aided our understanding of Maire, there was an old rusty brown journal consisting of four records hidden below her wardrobe.



June 16, 1890. 

Vienna Austria

Maire Blair


I am Maire Blaire I am 28 years old woman, your reading this which means I am long gone, am dissatisfied with slave transaction in Austria. That is why I came tonight to meet my lover. My scheme is to exile my Seyer and her harlot and the center of Bazar. I plan this till dawn and I have equipped my knitting Box and I sharpened my wooden knife, I grief with anticipation, to feast on their rotten flesh I could almost sense their screams of Torment it serves my inner delights.


Note – I take my work Thoughtful. When I kill and its Moist, the fun part about this is when I use my bird peak ax to smash the head.




January 3, 1901

Cape Town, SA

Maire Blair 


I am Marie Blair I am 28 years. I have three weeks till my departure. My son Jabulani was one of the participants in the second Boer war it’s been years I have not heard from him. My husband has taken solace to the arms of a Dutch maiden. I am headed to the south tonight, I plan to intrude the British camps. I have prepared strophanthus Kombe a position used for hunters when killing a prey, I intend to use this on them. And weave their skin for my veils.  I am excited about this new project my skin tangles the skin its eyes for the prize.



October 5, 2005.

Milan, Italy.


I am Marie Blaire, I am 28 years. Its spring and I just enrolled in the University of Bocconi as an undergraduate in physics and anatomy. I think I am beginning to love this new life, everything is calm and dense, I am not craving for my next hunt I, but I can’t help the arousal. Javier has introduced to their cult leader Sable and we are organizing and ritual near the cathedral. I am so happy with these new inventions on my kit. I can wait to add their silk cream completion on Pallet of Veils.  




It’s been five years since I heard from Meredith Crane. I recall it One fine afternoon summer was blooming so I decided to take a stroll down the city to my favorite place’’ Charles bites” and I swear I could tell it, Meredith, when I approached her, I looked like a total strange.


“Meredith” its Diana! But I was meet with silence. I explained our meeting and our discovery about the Maire Blaire investigation. She said to me she never recalled our meeting. It was shocking and I was flagger busted, I returned to my apartment fragile and confused to my surprise my landlord bill introduced to me to my new Roommate, and there she stood tall dark and silk-like cinnamon


Nice meeting you My name is Marie Blaire’


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