the short story project


Stop not till my tears stop.

She was sitting on her father’s lap near to his bosom. He held her close to his heart, rejoicing in her, trying to make her feel happy. With one hand, he held her from back of her waist and with the other hand he was feeding her food. She is once eating, then again turning off her mouth away. Father still held his hand with the food between his fingers, looking towards his daughter. She slowly turned towards the father meeting eyes of her father……and gave a smile……she was trying to tease!!!!

“mhhhh……you…..,” narrowing his brows he chuckled and cuddled her.

She bursted into a loud laugh and opened her mouth, “aaaaaaaaaaa”.

Father fed her. She quickly finished eating.




Roaring sound of blazing fire….. something’s boiling…….. thousand times bigger than those, horrifying sound of people shouting, yelling, crying…..

“God… please…. please…..arhhhrhhh…..forgive us… forgive me……arhhhrhhh…..arhhhrrhhh…….please stop this punishment……”

Their skin was all peeled off on itself due to the hot boiling oil. Their bodies were boiling and burning with “zzzssssssss” sounds and bubbles around them. Almost their surfaces were all white expect with dark oozing skin at some places….

Spears were poaked into their bodies and lifted out of the burning oil. Hot sizzling oil drooled down through their reddish, brownish and blackish turned burnt bodies. They were unable to move their bodies. Each small moment on skin and muscle gave them dying pain. Skin at some places was hanging loose attached with one end to the body. 

A large bowl was brought near them. It was all dark red inside. All those people were again poked with spears, lifted up and thrown into this red powder. The moment it touched their burnt and opened up skin, 


Their throats tore apart. The shreikes pervaded through the entire hell. They wriggled in the dying pain. Their wriggling brought them more pain by bringing movement in their bodies. 

“Ggoooooooodddd……pleeeeaaaaassssseeeeeee…arrhhhhh…..pleaasee God….”, they cried above their throats for eternity…..




“Stop not till my tears stop….” God commanded.

His eyes blazing red, body all rage hot with generations of fire, his heart burning and wrenching like thousand volcanoes in all pain…..

He looked at his daughter. She cuddled herself in his bosom. She was closing her eyes. She is asleep. To her, his bosom was all safe, soft, warm, loving and cool. He looked at his daughter. Tears from his heart flowed through his eyes.

“Stop not till my tears stop….” God roared trembling the hell like hell. 

He looked at his daughter…..with tears flowing in his eyes….he cuddled her more close to his bosom and kissed her forehead….. “I love you…..I love you…..,” tears flowed and he cried.





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