the short story project


Riddles you can tell your friends!

1: I weigh nothing, but you can still see me. If you put me in a bucket, I make the bucket lighter. What am I? 

A: A hole

2: A prisoner is forced to go into one of three rooms, but he can choose which room. The first room is ablaze with fire. The second one is rigged with explosives that will go off as soon as he enters. The third contains a pair of lions who haven’t eaten in years. Which room should he choose to survive?

A: room #3, the lions haven’t eaten in years, they would be dead


3: What question can you never answer “Yes” to?

A: what does N-O spell?


4:What five-letter word becomes shorter if you add two letters to it?

A: short, add er and I will become shorter


5:A horse attached to a 24-foot chain sees an apple 26 feet away. How can the horse reach the apple?

A: the horse just walks over to it, how you ask? because the chain was attached to nothing but the horse


6: A man was driving a truck. His headlights weren’t on, and the moon wasn’t out. Ahead of him, a woman dressed in all black started crossing the road. Fortunately, the man braked so she could cross. How did he see her?

A: it was the middle of the day!


7:When you want to use me, you throw me away. When you’re done using me, you bring me in. What am I?

A: an anchor


 8:What’s the difference between a jeweler and a prison guard?

A. A jeweler sells watches, and a prison guard watches cells!


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