the short story project


The Monster

Once upon a time there was a little caterpillar. No, not that one. This one wasn’t very hungry. Just extremely curious and a bit peckish.
One sunny spring day, while he was crawling along a windowsill and enjoying the sun, he noticed something funny. 

What a pretty rainbow, he thought, looking at a piece of colorful paper stuck to the windowpane.
He kept on moving slowly, very slowly like he always did. He loved the peace and quiet and got frightened whenever somebody turned on a lawn mower. 

He thought the dandelions were beautiful, he enjoyed the breeze and the greenness of the grass, but nothing intrigued him as much as the rainbows. Yes, rainbows. It was not just one. 

As he kept on crawling, he realized every house in the street had one. Some had been crocheted, others drawn with glittery pens. Some had obviously been created by tiny little hands. 

I wonder what they mean. He was small, but when something piqued his interest, he needed answers. Fast. That’s why, when he saw a bee flying nearby, he asked her. ‘Hi there, do you know why everybody has put rainbows on their windows?’ 

‘No, something to do with a big monster that has them all scared. I guess now they understand how we feel ourselves.’ 

The little caterpillar wasn’t very happy with the answer. He’d been outside all day and hadn’t seen any monsters. Just before dark, he saw an open gate and went into a garden. Inside there was a pretty lady with very, very long hair planting seeds. 

He decided to stop for a while and watch her. He’d wait till she left and eat some of her yummy-looking vegetables. He hadn’t eaten in a long time and he realized he was starting to feel faint. 

After feasting on a soft tomato and something green and yum, he felt very sleepy.
For some reason he couldn’t understand very well, he decided to hang upside down from a tiny branch in the corner of the garden and spun himself a cocoon. Twenty-one days passed, give or take, but he didn’t really notice because he slept all the time. And when he woke up, he realized he felt weird but beautiful. He was a butterfly! His wings were orange with little black specks. 

The first thing he remembered, even before food, were the rainbows. He had to find out what they meant. Now that he could fly, it would be a lot easier.
He left the garden and fluttered in the breeze towards the front of the house. The pretty lady was running into the drive. A blonde girl opened the door for her. But there were no rainbows on the window… 

The butterfly was a bit disappointed. Why had they removed them? They were all sooo pretty!
He suddenly saw a ladybird sitting on a blade of grass. ‘Hello, can you tell me where the rainbows have gone?’ ‘Where have you been, mate? Haven’t you heard?’ 

‘Heard what?’
‘The humans beat the monster.’
‘I guess that must be good news then…’
Just then it started to rain. It was England, after all. But it was a short shower. And two minutes later, the sun shone on the little village.
The butterfly looked up and saw a huge rainbow in the sky. The prettiest he had ever seen. And he smiled. 

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