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Cannibal Claus

No one expected the jolliest man to be what he came out as. 

No one expected him to be a cannibal.

We all thought you got coal in your stocking on Christmas Day.

But I guess that’s not what happens when you’re on the naughty list.

It wasn’t until children all around the world went missing in the middle of the night and the longest search in human history came to a stop. 

It wasn’t until little Jimmy’s sister, Anna, watched her brother be pulled out from his bed by the jolly man, stuffed in the toy sack, and taken off. 

It wasn’t until the FBI and investigators all over the world heard the news, expedited themselves to the North Pole and raided the man’s home.

It wasn’t until pictures and videos were leaked to news outlets, showing children’s skeletons and bones scattered on the floor and the slaughter cellar with the blood painted walls.

When the investigators arrived, they couldn’t arrest the jolly old man nor his wife, for they were both dead and had been for weeks. 

The news outlets censored nothing.

People all around the world didn’t just see the slaughter cellar and skeletons, but they saw the dead cannibal and his wife, decaying and half eaten by the man’s reindeer. 

Months after the events took place, everyone was able to resume their normal activities– whatever “normal” is for people who witnessed such a sickening sight.

We were finally able to take a breather and continue on with life.

It was over. It was all over. 

Or so we thought.

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