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Don’t worry about others

Don’t worry about others


      A 16-year-old boy was going through such a path. On the way, he saw some people fighting among themselves and he ran away from there. As soon as he got away, he saw a poor person begging on the side of the road.

Then as soon as he went away, some people were seen making fun of one person on the street.

Seeing all these things, his mind became completely depressed.

He felt that only sorrow, despair and darkness are spread in this world.

He told all the things in his mind to his father.

His father nodded yes to him.

Then after about 2 weeks, that boy was going through the same path again, now where people were fighting, now they had become friends among themselves.

The person who was begging was happy today, because perhaps he had got some good work to earn money.


And the people who were making fun of a person were only doing a prank.

Today, the boy was very happy after not seeing any negative thing, and he told his father all these things.

After hearing all this, the father of that boy said, “Son, the world goes on like this, if it is dark night then she would definitely bring a golden dawn in her fist”.

It means to say that every day is not the same, if you are sad today you will be happy tomorrow.

Then his father said that the day you were telling me very sadly, I could have told this thing on that  day too, but that time was not right.

Person learns from experience. The sooner a person understands the rules of this world, the better it is, you are very lucky that you are understanding this very soon.

We should also not grieve ourselves in the grief of others. If God has sent us to the earth, then god has made also way to live life with us.

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