the short story project


Wild Cactus

Next of Kin

Mr. Hedayet is a bit strange.  He is a short man with a huge paunch.  He follows some daily rituals. He has beautiful ballusters on his terrace.  In the morning he feeds the crows at his terrace.  I followed him carefully and gleaned all these about him. In the afternoon when he returns from office Pluto awaits him under the colonnades of his villa. By the way Pluto is his pet dog. Hedayat gently caress Pluto’s fur and after a while feeds him savoury biscuits.

It was his daily routine. Even now at this hard times of pandemic he did not refrain from his habits.

Yesterday I woke up at the wildest cacophony   very early in the morning. I glanced through my window and gazed by the extraordinary site.

There lies Mr. Hedayat wrapped with a white cloth, lifeless. Only Pluto is caressing him and a few crows hovering above.


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