the short story project


Emily Chen


Lives are so tough for everyone, but everyone lives are different. However, we all enjoy and treasure every moment and every person appears in our lives. 

My life is all about study because I am still a student. Special during the school days, Monday to Friday go to school at the same time but learn different subjects. I remember a philosopher said: In a year it had 365 days, Is you just live one day then repeat 365 times? Or you really live 365 days?” I think I am the second one. Also, we go to study every weekday, but we learn something new everyday. Don’t despise those new knowledge we learned from everyday, Day by day we will accumulate lots of new knowledge to our brain. Then those precious knowledge will let you become a smart person. When we grow up we can have a better future, then we can chose jobs we like to do, not the jobs we chose us. 

In life everyone has a responsibility to act their role. In this section in our life is study and also we have the responsibility to be a good student. Then when we become adults, we will have a great career, can do whatever we want and the last but not least is we can return to our parents, thanks them for giving life, love and education to us.

Also life is tough, but life just once and every day just has 24 hours. We all don’t know what will happen at the next moment. So stay calm, stay happy, stay thankful and enjoy every moment. When troubles come, don’t be afraid and try the best to solve them. Tomorrow will be a new day!

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