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Emily Chen

A girl with her dreams

 Today, I’m going to talk about a girl who had big dreams. She was a girl who had an enthusiasm for her life; who was always finding interest in her life and challenged the difficulties. She was a little girl who came from his planet; she just seemed a speck of dust from the broad universe, she had her big dreams and a heart that never gave up.

To choose a bunch of careers in this society, just like the millions of stars in the universe. She had lots of options to choose but she chose a unique one, area of medical education. It was a shining star through those stars, the star was sharp and far, but it also deeply attracted her. Although, she knew the road that she chose was harder than she imagined. Her parents and her friends advised her this will be the wrong choice. However, She believed she would keep going and struggled on until she reached her dream. Nevertheless, the decision she took did not disappoint her, because she learned from it that she never learned in class before. She realized her weaknesses and made an effort to change; She cleared her goals and supported her moving forward and it also told her to work harder as you can in your own wonderful age. 

For you, you might be curious about who the girl I’m talking to is. Yes, I’m the little girl who has her own dream and is struggling with it, and till one day the dream will come true!

Everyone must have a dream or goal that can encourage you to reach success. The dream is an amazing thing as it can inspire your passion, let you push yourself to do something that you never expect in your life. The goal is a game challenge invitation card to let you take up the challenge, challenge yourself toward and constantly to win the game and go to the next new level. In a realistic life, dreams and goals are always easy to destroy, through a trouble test, a person’s advice, and that’s life. I believe everything is possible, especially through your hard work, persistence and your adamant passion. You can do it!



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