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Bitter Sweet

Value The Right Things


       It was an ordinary late afternoon sitting with my mother on the patio, watching the sun casts its last gleaming red-orange light before darkness invades the sky. My mother started telling me about a conversation she had with her friend who is a guidance counselor at a high school. It was about students who failed most of their classes because of them not attending class and being caught skipping. She shakes her head upon hearing about it that students don’t value their education. Mom began reminiscing her past and telling me how she worked extremely hard to finish school.

       My mother came from a poor family. Her parents’ work is in the fields. They had farms that was inherited from one generation to another, treasuring it very much. It was of great value for them. My grandmother never went to school as they had financial problems. On the other hand, my mother was challenged because of the hardship due to poverty. She enrolled in school having nobody to depend on financially. She could not rely to her parents because there is nothing to expect from them. Their income is barely enough to put food on the table. It left her with no choice but to self-support and become a working student. Right after class, she rushes to work. She endured getting chased and bitten by untamed dogs just to collect bottles and cans from the neighbors to sell for extra allowances. Sometimes, she and her friends would wash people’s clothes manually to earn extra since washing machines were not introduced then. Nonetheless, her hard work and sacrifices paid off and she successfully obtained a degree.

       As the ball of light disappeared into the horizon, I have come to realization. Most of our generation today have no idea of what our ancestors have been through to get to where they are now. We often take everything for granted that we forget the importance of things. For instance, there are numbers of opportunities today compared to the time of our ancestors but most of us don’t take advantage of it. Some of us even has to work to support our personal needs and school fees. However, some of those who has everything provided for them does not take education seriously; they choose to skip classes for reasons that are irrelevant. Our time which is a luxury we can afford, should be spent wisely in doing something of purpose. We should turn and start taking things literally and doing our best to strive in everything we do for the sake of our future. This way we can honor and put to fruition the sacrifices of our parents.

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