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Sapol Pittayakornpisuth

The Problems of Fan-Fiction

Before delving into the problems of fan-fiction, we need to know what is fanfiction. Fan-fiction is a literature work by a fan that is based on an existing published work. The literature could range from games, comics, manga to even movies and TV shows. It is a way for a new inspiring author to write up a story without much thought other than the plot because the setting and the background of the story that was based on was already established. It is literature made by a fan for a fan. 

One of many problems of fan-fiction was poor writing quality. This was mostly because most fans that write these things were not writers. The quality can be so bad that they don’t understand the difference between dead, die, and death. For example, the character in the story would say “you’re death” or “go dead” or something similar. The grammar is so bad sometimes that it is cringe worthy. This problem can be circumvented by having a beta reading the work before publishing it. A beta is like an editor, their roles were closely similar in that they proofread the writer’s works and give advice on the story direction. These ones that were proofreaded sometimes were pure gems among the garbage that is clogged up the internet. 

Another problem was the IP or intellectual property, it is so that the fan writers cannot claim to own the literature that it is based on and so they also cannot profit from it either. This problem was very controversial, since these authors can still get the money via donations from Patreon-like sites. While they are not earning from the IP, they are still getting money via donation. 

In conclusion there are problems with fan-fictions, just not a serious problem. This is mostly just a rant from an opinionated individual, while some of the fan-fiction is just horrendous there are still some that are worth reading. It is still better than some published novel like Halo book 2: the flood.

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