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Gia Binh Nguyen

A Memorable Sunset

            As a teenager, summertime joy begins with the ringing of the last bell of the day. It signifies that it is time to throw away all the homework assignments and forget anything to do with school for over 2 months. Summertime is the pleasurable and enjoyable time after a hard-working year. When summer rolls around, I can never make up my mind what to do first. Shall it be drinking until the morning or hanging out in the mall with friends? But one thing is for certain – that there will be a vacation. The most memorable trip which represented a goodbye get-together for my friends and I occurred a year ago. The funniest thing that has ever happened to me took place in Da Lat, Vietnam.
            The getaway was marvelous, with some special highlights. On the third day of the trip, something hilarious happened. After sight-seeing in the city, we came back to our bungalow to get some rest. On the way back to the hotel, we bought some junk food and drink for our late-night party. We watched a soccer match while drinking. At midnight, we pranked our friends by pretending that we were delivery guys and asked them to come out to get the stuff that they had ordered. Accidentally, we called one of my father’s friends and yelled bad words through the phone. We were hovering between life and death in that moment. He ended up calling us back, but we said that we were in the middle of sleep so it might have been a wrong number.
            Afterwards, we split up, and half of us jumped into the bed and immediately fell asleep. The rest, including me, had the most beautiful time ever stargazing on the balcony. When we realized that it was 3 a.m., we tried to return inside the room. Unfortunately, the three traitors locked the door and even the windows. They turned off all the electronic devices, blocked all the phone calls or messages. We banged on the soundproof glass a hundred times, but they just ignored us. Eventually, whatever had to happen had to happen. Due to the fact that we had been drinking a lot, our bladders could not hold the liquid any longer. We looked across the messy floor. There on the table were a couple of empty liquor bottles that could be useful.  Urinating in the bottles might seem weird, but it was the only way we could manage in these particular circumstances. It was not until 4 a.m. that the sympathetic souls opened the door for us with whole bunch of videos on their phones.  We tricked them back by drawing silly things all over their bodies with permanent markers while they were in a deep sleep. Unfortunately for them, we were at the beach from dawn till dusk the following day, and they could not enjoy the fascinating feeling of the cool flow of the sea and the heat under the sun. To sum up, we were privileged to watch a superb sunset to end our day. We lived our best life.
            Time is more valuable than diamond and gold. It is not waiting for anyone. I wish those moments could have lasted longer, but everything that happens remains a memory. It is up to us to make them special and indelible.

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