the short story project


Momoka Iizuka

Rainbow day

When I go for a walk, I saw the rainbow in the sky. I felt depressed that day so my mind was a little bit clearer. I was thinking about many things about my future and walked. I was walking a little further, an elderly lady is walking her dog by herself. I was walking with my dog too so we exchanged greetings. Her dog is a boy and looks old because she walked very slow just like the owner. I had enough time so we decided to talk more with her. She lost her husband because of sick two years ago then she lives with a dog, just two of them. She said “It is not as bad as even I thought with a dog. When he’s gone of course I’ve missed him but there was no use lamenting over it forever, he never come back. It’s important to move forward even if you lose heart. You still look so young! good luck!” She’s gone somewhere leaving her these words behind. She seemed to read my mind. I think this word was what I wanted the most right now. Today is going to be a good day.

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