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paras kumar

Challenges of an Immigrant student

Like many other students, immigrant students have a very struggling life but their struggles expand upon their arrival in Canada. Immigrant students gets many barriers which they have to face on everyday life, which is excluded from the pressure of keeping up their score in the school. 
Canada is well known for its multilingual status, but that doesn’t completely lessen the amount of barriers immigrant student have to face. One of them is a language barrier, which makes it very difficult for immigrate students to find a part-time job, make friends, or even a basic task as getting their grocery from the grocery store. I have seen many scenarios where an immigrant student hesitates to ask for a help from their teachers because they are afraid to commutate in English. 
 Secondly, they experience huge cultural shock as they get separated from their own culture and have to adapt their selves in a new culture. As a result, it makes them really difficult to connect with a local Canadian or even make new friends. I have experienced these exact problems when I first moved to Canada with my family. When I moved to Canada, I started in High School as Grade 11th took me almost an entire year to adopt into a new atmosphere and culture of a Canadian high school. 
Thirdly, all the immigrant students don’t have any health care coverage, and they have to have to pay heavy medical bills if they go to get medical attention. Most of the immigrant students can’t afford to pay those heavy bills, so they deny to go to doctors even when they are in an immense pain or very fragile conditions. Many doesn’t approach to medical clinics because of the language barrier which mostly results as severe mental health issues. 
I strong believe there’s only one solution to help immigrant students, the local Canadian. If the local Canadian would step up and help an immigrant student when seems in a need of a help, that would make immigrant students life so much easier and happier. One might able to learn about the culture and stories of an immigrant student and turn it into a friendship or even a stronger connection. 

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