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paras kumar

Mind over matter

I could feel the heat releasing from the track under my palms. It was extreme hot earlier in the day but now the clouds were slowly drawing in covering the sun. I could feel the sweat beads slowly forming on my forehead from nervousness just as a slight breeze blew past drying it up as quickly as it formed. “You can do this, its mind over matter.”, I replayed the words my mother always told me every time even when the slightest piece of doubt entered my mind. 
 As I opened my eyes, I could see the crowds around in the stalls, all of them quietly anticipating the moment the umpire’s gun would go off. This was it; the race I had been training for all my life to qualify me for the Beijing 2020 Olympics. “On your marks, get set.”, came from the umpire and finally the gun went off in a pop sound. As I took off my foot, I kept breathing steady but my whole-body muscles working, cutting through the air. I picked up a really fast pace but I noticed three sprinters already ahead of me.  
“Faster, faster!” my mom along with my friends shouted. 
As I kept running, my mind drifted towards the voices from the stalls. My calves felt burned and I became less vigorous. 
At that very moment, a scene of my father reflected in front of my eyes, accusing me that I will never be able to succeed in achieving my only passion and dream, a gold medal in the Olympics. Adrenaline rushed into my vein and I skyrocketed my speed. As I kept running with an increasing speed and Left behind two more sprinter, whilst passing them, I could hear the sound of their feet crushing into the ground. I was on the second place now, just behind the fastest sprinter of an entire Quebec province. 
My mind drifted again, as I started remembering waking up early in the morning at 5am for my practice training and hating every single second of it. Every single day of practice were like a torture of extreme hard work and fighting with the torrid heat of Toronto. Not too far from the finish line, I could see the white thin finish line, I pushed as hard as my body could with an excitement to cross the finish line. Now, we were neck to neck and it was a very last period of this race. My heart pumping faster than usual and my body felt absolute turned apart. I could hear the fast breathing of the running just besides me and we are at exactly the same rate. I knew that if I want to pass the runner besides me, I have to put every last bit of my body strength and pace up just before the finish line. As I groaned and paced up, my eyes shut down and we crossed it. I wasn’t sure about the winner until the screaming of crazy fans announced it for me. 
One should always believe in their selves regardless of what other people might have to say about you. Hard work and long practices seems to be a tortured but it converts into joyful victory and success. 

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