the short story project


Sam Busy


“Hello Dad, we received certificates today” The little girl announced after entered her home

“Congratulations, I’d love to read it.” Her father responded

“But I would not be so happy…”


“Because you won’t see many good grades there”

“Anyway, I’d like to see the certificate, okay, sweety?”

“Of course I’ll show you, Dad, I just said I’m not happy about it.”

The little girl handed her father the certificate.

“Honey, I see that you have progressed in three important subjects: Math, English and Biology”

“True, Dad, but my grades are still much lower than my friends'”

“Honey, I want to tell you something important about the certificate. In my eyes and in the eyes of your mom, you are a good, successful girl and you have high grades in behavior and in many other subjects. It is very important that you succeed in school, but it is also important that you know our appreciation for you.”

The young girl was delighted with her father’s response and drew his attention to a new grade they added this year in the certificate.

“Dad, it seems to me that what you said is very appropriate for something new in the certificate. Starting this year, the school decided to add a special grade – ‘perseverance'”

“Thank you, honey, for drawing my attention to this, but I would like to hear from your teacher for the meaning of this grade and its weight in relation to the other grades.”

Honey’s father called the teacher and talked to her about the grades and in general about his daughter.

“Hello. I will definitely explain to you, our consideration in school to add this component in student evaluation.

The usual tools for evaluating students that have been so far have not exhausted student evaluation. We found that some students know the study material as a result of persevering at home and in class. “But when they come to take a test or class work they encounter difficulty in written expression and the like. So we decided to measure their perseverance as well, and mark this on the certificate as an important value in itself.”

“Thank you, replied the father,  I understand. We will try to have our daughter not only persevere but also to discover her knowledge and abilities with the regular material and tools.”

That evening, Honey’s father talked with his wife, 

“I see that Honey has consistently received an ‘excellent’ grade in persistence. Can you explain to me on what basis did she receive this grade, in your estimation?”

“Well , said the mother,  I’d like to say that I am not so worried about  the low grades Honey received. In my opinion she is a persistent girl, who fails to express her knowledge with the acceptable tools. I have made sure for the last few months to report to her teacher at every opportunity Honey’s perseverance “Towards exams. I’m glad that the school finally understood that students also need to be evaluated in this dimension of perseverance. The ‘excellent’ grade she received did not surprise me, because indeed our girl is a persistent girl!”

Following the parent’s talk, they decided to call honey and talk to her regarding the her certificate she was so upset about.

“Honey, pay attention. Dad and I talked about the certificate.

Dad heard from the teacher an explanation of the “perseverence grade” and then, Dad heard from me that I also made sure to report to your teacher about your persistence at home back on what was learned in class and prior to exams, so we hope in about a year,  Math, English and Biology, you will no longer remember these low grades. “

“Thanks, Dad and Mom, for the encouragement and appreciation you have for me”


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