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The Psychopath’s Heart

“Aydan! PLEASE!” I begged with the last bit of breath that I had left

“I love you so much darling” he smoothly remarked, brushing my cheek before awarding it with the hardest slap so far

“You love me? You don’t love me! What kind of love is this?” I screamed in utmost horror

“It’s the kind of love that hurts.” he meekly responded, kneeling on both knees before my curled up body. He reached out his hands to me and I hesitantly looked up at him and saw something.. something so gentle and pure.

“I adore you darling. I adore only you.”  Yes, adoration. That is what it was. I then placed my hand in his rigid grasp and for a mili-second, I felt at peace. The very same hand that had coloured my skin black and puple a few minutes ago, was the same hand that exuded warmth at this very intimate moment.

He yanked me into his bare chest and I held my breath in order to hear his own on the top of my head.

“You drive me crazy darling” he wheezed, raking his bruised knuckles through my aurburn locks that lay on my back. “So crazy.” he spat.

And right after those two, rather venomous words…he tightened the grip on my hair then, he pulled. I choked in pain, in disbelief, shock, fear.

“Aydan” I whispered, silently begging him for mercy. “Stop”

“I can’t” he mumbled, grazing his inhumane,razor sharp canines alongside my collarbone. I felt my body heat up abnormally, he knew that my collarbone was my weak spot. So, right now, I was under a spell. His spell.

“Still have something to say?” he smugly asked, I could even feel his smile. I kindly shook my head no. “That’s exactly what I thought.”

He slowly lowered the straps of the bloodied summer dress that I was wearing. Then he replaced his hands with gentle, soft kisses. I sucked in the mewl that threatened to escape me. I didn’t want him to know that I liked what he was getting to.

He strategically circled my diagphram area with his muscled arms of iron then said  “I hate to know that you’re letting another man please you. Am I not doing enough?” with this declaration, he tightened his grip, every coming breath starting getting harder to get.

“Ay-d-d-an” I begged helplessly, trying to free myself of his hold. But his arms were like the inner walls of a snake. The more I fought, the harder he held me.

“Everytime I leave for work you let him enter MY house and pleasure you on MY bed. Today was the last time.

My memory quickly flashed to Roger Phelps, my secret lover of nine months, but probably not anymore. He was everything Aydan wasn’t. And thats’s my justification.

But that’s just it, I got dragged back into reality when Aydan let me go and let me drop down to the cemented floor like a sack of potatoes. 

I croaked out an “I love you.” As my favourite memory of Roger crossed my brain. Just as my vision blurred and my breathing shallowed deeper than ever.

“Oh, I love you more than you know Ina” Aydan spoke, with a smile littered all over his sadistic face.

If only he knew…















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