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3 Distinct Aspects Related to Web Design Businesses

Perfect web design is the dream of every company. All businesses need to maintain their online presence and a great design for their website is the basis for how they can attract their target audience. The top management of every company tries very hard to come up with a design that the visitors can instantly connect to. 

If you are looking to establish your business in Dubai or any other big metropolitan city in the Middle East, you need to think about the design. Because without a cool or unique design, your website will not be able to get the complete attention of your target audience.

The following are the top three aspects that companies need to think of and what needs to be changed so that they offer a great experience for their visitors.

1. Banner Ads are Not as Powerful Now

In the initial days of web design, banners used to get a prominent position on any webpage. The reason was simple, companies use this as space to place ads of their companies on their websites and also on other websites. Placing ads on banners was a huge business and several websites still use this. But, their effectiveness is now not that powerful enough and companies found several other ways to market their products. This is one side of the coin. Read on as I discuss this aspect in detail. 

The designing of the banners was also considered an art. Although the banners were usually rectangular in shape, there were several other variants to like square-shaped or a vertically placed rectangle. The sizes also vary as several sizes were available to fit any budget. The job of the designers was to create a banner that looks alluring but mostly the text inside the banner matters the most.

Now, we come to the point about why banners are not that effective a force to reckon with. Because of the fact that banners are usually used on websites, their effectiveness is somehow diminished as social media platforms are now in vogue. Companies looking to promote their products now rely on social media platforms and apps so that they can be able to reach a greater audience. 

The people in the favor of banners are of the view that even on Facebook and other platforms banner ads are still used. It’s just that their way of using has changed a bit. That’s why the effectiveness of Banners will never completely fade away, although their effectiveness may alter periodically after any new technology. An example can be a new way of communicating just like when we shifted from desktop to handheld devices.

2. Lack of Creativity can be a Deterrent for a Website’s Success

Creativity is dead! At least this is what most of the business owners think as they contact web designers in this concern. The argument from business owners is that all they get in the name of creativity is the use of different colours and patterns. But there is no uniqueness and the design or any creativity that can make visitor’s stop by and admire. 

The argument from the designers is that creativity and uniqueness is not something that can be applied to every website. And millions of websites can’t be completely unique from each other. They have a valid point because designers have a set of patterns and layouts on which they have to design a website. 

When designers try to amp up their creativity, most of the time the design they come up with is rejected by their clients. The reasons cited by their clients is usually the design is too outlandish, shoddy or simply not in line with the featured product. In this way, designers play safe by coming up with a rehash of a popular design or use templates and this concern. 

If you need a greatly designed website, you must consult a web design company having the expertise in this field. In this way, you will be better off getting a portal for your business that has the merits to get your visitors hooked on it. 

3. Personalization

This particular design aspect was very much invoked a few years ago, but after social media took over, this design aspect was relegated to the back seat. But its effectiveness is great, so that let me shed some light on this so that you can know more about it. 

Personalization of a page is all about making a page personalized according to the preferences of a particular visitor. For example, a visitor can change the colour of the background, fonts type and size and literally how the page looks. There are certain characteristics like Interest and context, actions related to clicking on a button, for example, or other parameters that I described earlier. 

The fact that a website can be customized for a particular visitor permanently gives the feeling of belongingness to a website. This makes a visitor look forward to visiting that website time and again, as everything is customized according to his specifications and requirements. That’s the reason when we become used to visiting shopping portals, we only prefer to shop from that one. 

Historical data and the shopping preferences of a person is also saved due to personalization. So, where the design comes into play in this respect? Design plays a pivotal role in delivering all the personalization one can think of. The use of colours, fonts and layout is due to the design and the expertise of the designer is what can make the difference. 

If you will use the services of a freelance designer or a lesser-known design agency, just to save cost, ultimately this will not be beneficial for you. Because after some time, you will rue your decision because Of average and mediocre work. So, you need to have the best design agency work for you and offer exceptional designing, whether it is for the personalization aspect or any other one.

Final Word

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog and that can be informative for my readers, you are more than welcome. And if anything mentioned here is bothering you, please do not hesitate to ask. 

For any type of feedback too, please use the comment section below.

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