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Web Developer: 9 tips to follow for an accessible Website

There are 2 billion websites online, so you can imagine, web developers are in high demand! Amongst which less than 400 million are the users who are active. Now in the niche of your interest, competitors are on the mark. So, what’s now with your website accessible to all the users? Are they even reaching your target audiences? Or just some audience? What is the point if the users are unable to access your website? So this is what a web developer needs to take care of. 


What is website accessibility?

It is the concept of making all the websites on the internet available to all the users. 

The idea is simply that if the website is visible to all the users, the client’s approach to your business is exponentially more. Brings in the target audience and at the same time outreach to a larger audience. Such of those people who have not considered this might stay a step away from your reach as competitors. 

There are 9 tips to follow to make a9n accessible website for the web developer to consider. Let’s get going one by one…


1. Keyboard navigation

Most of the users adapt to the keyboard than the mouse for a reason that it can hop on any part of the site. So, the site owner must make sure the site is navigable through the keyboard as well by a tab key. 

Accordingly, ensure the tab request conforms to the visual request, so there is a sensible move.

At the point, a page contains a ton of content, split it up with anchor texts, so clients can jump to other page segments. 

It’s additionally acceptable practice to have a “Jump to principle content” interface at the head of each page, so clients can abstain from having to tab through the links.


2. Use of Alt Tags

The use of these tags can aid your users to know what the image is all about and in some cases, can load an alternative image in place of the disappearance of the actual page due to loading. So the usage of keywords in the tag can help users to look for the image. A small description can give the details of the image to the crawlers as well for the site’s Search Engine Optimization.

Alt tags are useful in different circumstances: 

. For individuals utilizing screen readers.

. For individuals using websites that are speech-enabled.  

. Mobile clients when pictures can’t be shown.


3. Careful with colors

Color being the attractive element, one can like if it is contrasting. A color must be so that it doesn’t strain our eyes and keep the stress away. Well, light color can contrast the dark and not the other way around. 

Having enough differences between the words and also the background makes browsing simpler and more elegant for everybody, particularly when utilizing a cell phone.


4. Headers for the structure

A structure is so evident only if they are in an organized manner. Unorganized data can only lead to chaos. So, structured data can be easily interpreted not just for humans but also for the crawlers. 

Separating a long site page into sensible subsections with the headers makes it simpler to get to your area of intrigue. Envision that while going through the primary passage of an article, that you quickly needed to leave a remark, and the remark structure is found someplace at the base of a website page. For located clients, this would be a no brainer: you simply need to look down and outwardly find the form.


Labeled from and tabular data

A form has to be labeled clearly under the respective fields to avoid confusion. So basically designed in a well-mannered way. 

Tables are the easiest way to interpret data. But it doesn’t mean even the lists, layouts and other data needs to be tabulated too. The crawler must be able to understand the data. 


Terminate the use of the auto navigator

Auto navigators are highly frustrating as the elements begin to scroll or slide or switch on the video automatically without the user’s consent. 


Content accessibility

Giving unique links, and informative captions and anchor text must be used to be able to access the content. Content being the core entity of your website this part must be easily accessible to all the users.


Use assistive technology

A visually impaired user might find it hard to access the websites. But the use of these technologies can assist them in many ways. So the websites must use assistive technologies by keeping the impaired people in mind. 


To correct mistakes

The error messages on the website should be clear enough to the users to show the mistakes or the errors in the site with a suitable explanation and connections.



These are the design considerations, a web developer must think before designing a website. And thus the web accessibility plays a major aspect of web design. 

An accessibility concept came through the idea that even the deaf, blind can access the website. With that in mind, the design of the website is developed. The website accessibility can aid in pitching in more clients.

There are many website designers in Dubai if you are looking for one. Here are the web-designers you can have a look into who takes care of web accessibility along with web design.

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