the short story project


vinravna crez


The South lane New York police station receives a telephone call from the nearby supermarket. One of the police officials attends the call from the security personnel who confiscate a customer for pilfering.

The policemen reach the supermarket and seize the culprit.

The customer, a young lady, who seems to be from a well – to – do family stole some loaves of bread.

The police interrogated and understood that unbearable hunger led to the crime.

All the customers and the security officials in the supermarket expected the policemen to arrest the lady and put behind bars.

On the contrary, one of the policemen took some money from his wallet and paid over the cashier for the quantity of bread taken by the lady. The crying lady expressed her gratitude and vowed not to steal. The customers were taken aback.

The policemen made a statement, before leaving the supermarket ‘hunger is not a crime’. At any point in time, we should help the unfortunate ones.



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