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seani martin

I admitted to two things that ruined my life 

Hi, my name is Lisa well it’s not my real name I thinks it is best to keep my identity a secret. Have you ever admitted to something that ruined your life? Well I did. When I was seven years old my aunts blamed me for taking her quarter witch I never did. I got the quarters from schools; I was a creative kid and the things that I made from the paper I ripped out of my journal and they paid me a quarter. I know that quarter a quarter did does not seem like a lot to you, but you are in second grade a quarter seems like a lot to you. I saved all the quarters so I could buy lollipops on Fridays for myself. I never really think much about it. When she saw me with the quarters, she asked me where I got the quarters, I told her the truth, but she never believed me. That day she scowled me even though I did not do anything to be scowled for. Then a couple months later My grandmothers were going to Jamaica that’s where I was born. My grandmother was packing to go to Jamaica I was on the bed playing with one of her earing because it looked like a ring. My grandmother took the ring from me because she was putting up her jewelry. When she took the earing, I left the bedroom, went into my aunt’s office, and took all my toys out of the bin and took them downstairs. After that day I did not see my grandmother jewelry.  When my grandmother came back from Jamaica Her jewelry was gone. The room that I usually slept in I did not sleep in it I was sleeping in my aunt’s bedroom. My aunts asked me I told that I did not take my grandmothers jewelry. At the end they blamed for my grandmother’s jewelry with no proof. They told my dad that I was the one that stole my grandmother’s jewelry even though I did not my ad was really mad He told me if I did not admit to it he was going to beat the life out of me. At the end I did even though I did not do any of those things. My grandmother is seeing the real side of my aunts know they want to get rid of my grandmother if you guys have any advice type your comments down below.


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