the short story project


seani martin

Do it the right way

Have someone ever chose someone elso over you because they were gready, have been lied to by some that was suppose to be close to you, or they ruined your life. Have one person done all of those things you.when i say a person I mean like your family member. Well my mom did all of those thing to me. My mom have lied to me some many times I can’t even count any more. My mom has chosen many men over me so she could live a lougsouriose life, my mom is what you would call a gold digger. My mom has ruined my life because her dirty was. Not even ruined distroyed my life. I feel like my mom looks at me lie I am like something at the bottom of her shoes. My life has been like that for 14 years, you migh as well count the years before i was born. My mom think that I should love her more than anything, I would not say that is the case. Everytime she calls my step moms phone she can’t even talk you me for five seconds. Like literally you don’t see me so you think she would take five minutes to talk to me, not a chance. It has gotten to the point that when she calls I son;t even want to talk to her. There have been many ocasions that I want to tell he rhow i feel, I have told my step mom what I want to tell my mom but she tell me no she will not allow me to. All of the things that my mom does and have done make spite even more. I get angry really fatst most of the tume I just stuff it insid. When I can’t take anymore it just starts to poor out of me. There would be two thing I would eather so, I would eather cry ot take it out on people I really hate with a passion. If you gues have any addvie comment down below.


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