the short story project


Atina Norgaard

The Trampoline Disaster

In this story, I had a very embarrassing moment and I just hope that it will never happen 

again I mean it was just so embarrassing! I am just glad that it was a long time ago and not 

recently, I just hope that everyone has already forgotten about what had happened.

My brother and I are playing on the trampoline together and jumping and 

giving each other boosts so we could jump higher and we were having fun but then 

we got tired so we sat down and my brother started making jokes about really 

anything but I had to use the bathroom but not that bad so I stayed on the 

trampoline with my brother while he was making me laugh. My brother then made 

another funny joke and I was about to pee myself from laughing so then I told him 

that I was gonna pee myself but he didn’t listen and just kept making funny jokes 

and making me laugh even more which then I was trying my best to not pee myself 

but then he made another really funny joke and then I couldn’t hold it in anymore 

and at that moment I could feel the warm pee going down my leg while it trickles

 down onto the trampoline. I was embarrassed and I told my brother that I had an 

accident and he was laughing at me which got me more embarrassed so I told him 

to shut up but he just kept laughing. I was just happy that I wasn’t with anyone 

else. I was happy that I was only with my brother and not my friends or other 

people I know. It was embarrassing but at least it was over a year or two ago.

After I had my accident I got up and went to shower and change. When I was done with 

my shower and when I was changed I then went back outside and washed off my 

trampoline by grabbing dish soap and the hose and squirting the dish soap onto the 

trampoline and hose it down till there were no more bubbles. My brother still makes fun of 

me for that day but I just ignore him most of the time anyway. I had to tell my mother 

because she was confused about why my brother looked disgusted and why I was wet. I told 

her about what had happened and she told me to take a shower and change clothes. I am 

just happy that only my brother was there and not my friends or any other people whom I 

know. That was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and I just hope that it 

will never happen again. Thank you for reading my embarrassing story.


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