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How Generic Vaniqa Cream Can Help You Get Rid Of Facial Hair

If you have facial hair, as a woman, then you’re aware of how it feels. Facial hair in women can be a significant source of shame, embarrassment, and anxiety. While a few stray hairs on your lip or chin are easy enough to get rid of, you’ll need a much more powerful and effective solution if you grow an excessive amount of facial hair. Unwanted facial hair or UFH has a medical term called Hirsutism, and it happens from several factors. For instance, you may be having some form of hormonal imbalances. Or, it can result from a polycystic ovary syndrome. Sometimes, Hirsutism can also occur from specific medicines that you take, or it’s simply in your genetics. Regardless of the reason, if you have facial hair, then you want it to go away. In that regard, you should get cheap Vaniqa Cost and use it.


About the product: So, what is Vaniqa? It’s a brand of face cream that you can use to treat unwanted hair on the neck and face. It’s specifically for women, and as a cream, you have to apply it directly on the skin of your face and neck at the site of the unwanted hair. It contains a chemical called eflornithine, which blocks the action of ornithine decarboxylase, an enzyme found within hair follicles. By blocking this enzyme, the facial hair growth rate will reduce significantly.

The reasons: No woman would want to live with unwanted hair on your face and neck. It’s precisely what doctors describe as Hirsutism. The disease is quite a common one, and it affects four to eleven percent of women. It causes excessive hair growth in women, especially in those who reside in South Asia, the Middle East, or the Mediterranean. In terms of hair growth, it resembles a male pattern distribution in the beard area of the neck and face. Sometimes, it can also grow on the tummy, lower back, and thighs. Hirsutism doesn’t cause any significant medical conditions; it’s only an imbalance of female and male hormones in your body.

The medical conditions: The vast majority of women with unwanted hair on the face and neck have no significant underlying cause. It’s called “idiopathic hirsutism.” Other causes include endocrine conditions and side effects of medication.

Facts: There are a few facts that you need to know about it. For instance, one should never apply it anywhere else apart from their face as doctors have no proof that it will be effective. You won’t find any other non-hormone facial hair removal cream in the market. The substance penetrates to the base of the hair follicles to decrease the growth of the strands. Around seven out of ten women witness results from this cream, and about three out of ten women marked outcomes after twenty-four weeks of using the cream.


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