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Top Security Tools Available in the Magento Platform

Security plays a crucial role in making a website successful and without proper security, it is almost impossible for merchants to build trust with their customers and maintain consistent financial flow in the online business. Without proper security, an online store becomes inefficient and vulnerable to external threats, which is a very dangerous situation for an online merchant to be. As in the case of an online store that has poor security, the chances of data losses and financial losses are higher than that of a well-maintained eCommerce store. Hence, focusing on creating a secure eCommerce store should be the first priority of every eCommerce merchant.

However, making a website secure needs proper planning on the merchant’s end. Also, merchants must choose platforms such as Magento, which provides them with proper website security features. Further, since Magento is highly customizable merchants can also hire a Magento development company to add an extra layer of security to their online store. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into the major security tools available in the Magento platform that can aid merchants in making their applications secure. But before we dive into that, let us take a look into the benefits of having a secure eCommerce store.

• A secure eCommerce store always ensures that a merchant’s private data is protected from any third party user. This ensures data security.

• Further, having a secure backend also makes an online store look trustworthy and reliable, which is a great way to increase profits and sales.

• Moreover, with the help of a highly secure website, merchants can easily work towards their store’s global expansion without worrying about external security threats.

• Also, a highly secure website ensures a consistent performance since there are no chances for a third-party attack in it.

Top security tools for improving security in the Magento platform

Since security plays a crucial role in making an application secure and looks reliable in front of the users, adapting to proper security practices is a must for developers and merchants. However, doing so on the Magento platform is very easy. Within just a few steps, merchants can easily improve their store’s security and protect their data from external threats as well without any hassles. Below is a list of some of the amazing tools for improving the security of a Magento eCommerce store:

• A security scan is one of the most essential tools available in the Magento platform to aid developers in discovering possible security threats. As with the help of frequent security scans, a merchant can easily identify security threats that are lurking in their eCommerce store platform and can access suitable security patches for them for maintaining security.

• Controlling access to the eCommerce store is also a crucial part of making the online store secure. For this, with the help of Magento, merchants can implement Captcha based authentication and two-factor authentication in their online store. These authentication based login system will prevent illegal users from accessing the eCommerce store.

• Magento 2 also has Vanilla security features in it which can aid merchants in improvising the data encryption features in their store. Further, it can also aid developers in preventing cookie poisoning by avoiding security attacks.

To wrap up on security tools

Security is one of the crucial factors in making an eCommerce store successful. Further, with the help of proper security tools as mentioned above, merchants can easily improve their online store’s security efficiently. So, adapt to the above-mentioned security tools today for opening the gateways for higher profits and sales.


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