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Tiyana Kante

how i became bi sexuall

ok hi my name is tiyana i am 12 years old and im just normal in school not popular or a nerd i was just ok and had friends ok so lets go back into 3rd grade ok so i was younge but i had my first boyfreind his name was ibree and he was so cute we wasnt in the same class but i still got to see him at lunch and right letters to him and then after 10 or 9 mounths thats when he stared dating other girls and he made me think that we were still together so i broke up with him even though he didnt notice so anyways lets get to the poin we had a lesbian in the class i didnt juge her bc she was my friend and i suported her ok then thats when one day she told me she licked me i didnt know what to say but some how i wanted to say yes but didnt bc i think it would be wired then thats when she stoped likeing me and licked someone els for some reason i was jealous even though i didnt like girls i wanted her to like me but when she would break up with her gfs and go to me and just play around with me and i liked it so thats when she asked me out again and i said yes but no one knew yet but thats when she just went to other girls and idk why she does that so i deicied one day i told one friend i like girls but before i text my friend i had to think aout the thats when i pressed send then she was like wow then the next day on school i saw m my friend jayla and she was very cute and funny and kind so anyway  i told her i liked girls and she was amazed that that would come from me then she asked if she could tell 2 of our friends next to us on the rug i said ok then they was also amazed then thats when it went around the whole grade but i still kinda like boys so i just said why not like both so thats when i stared dating alot of girls all the way till now the girls became bi sexaull bc of me couldnt think i could make a girl do that so as now i do like a girl i dated her before in 5th grade and now i like her again so i asked her out she said she couldnt and i just said ok then i asked her to facetime she said yes later then we didnt so i would just text her i text her that she is really pretty she said thank you with herat emojies that made me smile so yeah right now i just cant tell me family or my mom or dad i dont know how to would they be mad im really scared can you guys help me


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