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A Day Out

One day, we got an invitation to a grand musical concert from a far far far away place. We all decided to go and were so excited. Finally, the day came and we all got ourselves ready. We were waiting for the transportation since it was clearly mentioned in the invitation that they would provide it.

After five minutes or so, when I opened my eyes, I was in some other place along with my family. The place was so pleasing. There were colorful trees of different kinds, the roads looked as if the pitch black mats were neatly rolled out to the ground. The houses there were not multi-storied but they looked taller than normal houses. The place was astoundingly beautiful and peaceful. When we all were spellbounded to see the place, a man who was dressed in dark brown colored pyjamas asked us to follow him. He was very tall and looked sturdy.

I asked him where we were. He told in a commanding voice that we were near to the musical event. He then told us that he escorted us there and also told that most of the people would go unconscious during the journey. We didn’t understand why that happens but didn’t even want to understand because our eyes were glued to the beautiful strange trees and houses and the fireflies that were clearly seen brimming with light.

We walked with him for about 10 mins. Then he stopped and told us that we had reached the location, signalling us to enter into the hall. The entrance was so big that even 20 to 25 members could enter at once comfortably but all the people there were really tall unlike us. We entered into a big room. As soon as we stepped in, we stopped there looking at the vast and attractively decorated hall. However the strange thing was, few men were arranging chairs for the guests but instead of placing them on the ground, they took each chair and placed it carefully in the air. Without any support, the chairs were hanging in the air. We were spellbounded witnessing the scene. Afterwards, a door man asked us to move forward to give in way for others. Then we walked forward slowly. People were going one by one and taking their seats by using a staircase. It seemed like it was very common for all the people there and nobody was looking alarmed like us. As we reached the chairs, a man asked us to take the seats. My family members were afraid to sit on the chairs that were floating in the air but that man, using honorific speech, asked us to take our seats since the show would start soon. We then carefully took the staircase one by one but in a dilemma whether to sit or not. Then a woman from the back row might have noticed our fear and told us to sit assuring that we wouldn’t fall down. This gave us some confidence. And we tried to sit down slowly but to my surprise, we didn’t fall and the chairs were stiff as if they were on the ground. I then looked down. I was floating with the chair and it just looked amazing.

As we all settled down, the show started. It began with four people – two people beating the drums, two people playing guitar. The music was nice. It went on for 2-3 minutes. Then another person joined the stage who was presumably the singer. Then he started to sing a song. Though I heard it for the first time, it gave me a feeling that I couldn’t put into words – Like in a beautiful strange world, a beautiful strange song. I was so immersed in his singing that I didn’t even pay heed when other people were preparing to move. Then the woman in the back row told us that the show would end in next five minutes. After five minutes, we also began to move. We slowly came down from the chairs and started to walk towards the door. My family members were equally amazed as me about what all this was but none of us had any clue about where we were and what exactly that place was. As we reached the door, we saw the person who earlier took us to the hall. He then asked us to come out and follow him. As we were following him, I couldn’t stop but asked him what exactly that place was. Before he could say anything, my eyes stuck to the sky and I slightly opened my mouth in astonishment. In the sky, I could see millions of moons in the broad daylight. Though they were not shining, they were like the stars in the night sky with half moon and full moon shapes instead of dots. Then I heard the person saying that the place was a new planet. I was shocked and immediately looked at him. He repeated saying that it was a new planet. We all were blown at once.

We continued to follow him until we reached a small but tall house which was beautifully decorated with different kinds of creepers. The house looked calm and peaceful. As soon as we entered in, an old woman with white hair warmly welcomed us and asked us what we would like to have. Since we didn’t know what they had to offer, we said nothing. Then the woman gave a smile and went to another room which mostly looked like a kitchen and told someone something. Then she came back to us with a small box in her hands. She took out the lid of that box and took my hand. I trembled for a moment about why she held my hand all of a sudden. She then took a small brush, dipped it in the box and then painted something on my thumb. She did the same to all of us except that man. We looked at each other but couldn’t dare to ask what that was. The next moment, we were offered something in bowls by two men. The bowls were old-fashioned that resembled the glass of an hourglass. After placing them in front of us, they went to the kitchen. The woman also followed them telling us to enjoy the meal. As soon as the woman went inside, the man whom we followed till there, told us to come out after eating and he was about to leave but I stopped him and asked him for some water since we were so thirsty walking all along the way. He looked at me and asked us to turn the bowls and drink water. I thought I heard it incorrectly and told him that there weren’t any water bowls placed there. He then without any expression on his face, came forward and took my bowl that was placed in front of me and turned it upside down. It all happened within seconds but all of us were going through anxiety when he was turning the bowl but it was wierd that nothing fell apart from the bowl. All of us were stupefied and then there was water on the other side of the bowl. He told us that they use that kind of two-in-one bowls to save some space. We nodded as if we understood anything there. After he left us, we looked at each other and slowly tried to turn the bowls upside down to have some water. While we were doing that, our hearts were pounding. Finally we succeeded in drinking water. Then we slowly finished eating. All of us ate to our heart’s content. We couldn’t tell what that dish was made of but it was yummy.

Then we came out and that man seemed to be waiting for us. He asked us to roam around if we wished to and told us that he would come to drop us home after sometime. I stopped him and asked why there were all strange things on that planet though they all looked like humans except that they were a bit taller. He told us that there was nothing strange about it and asked us to spend sometime there before he would escort us home. He then reminded us to make sure to keep that paint on our fingers visible since we were visitors. Then I understood why that woman had painted it only on our fingers. When he was about to leave, I asked him why we were invited to their planet to which I got no reply and he left.

However, we wanted to explore more of it, so went wandering around. In the next few hours, we saw little kids playing around the trees and the lovely thing was, everytime a child was wearing an innocent smile on her face, a small sapling was taking birth. And we saw some strange animals though some of them looked dangerous, we understood that they really weren’t. People were using some of those animals to carry little things and feeding them with some kind of vegetables. It looked like people there were living together with nature. As we were walking, we saw and experienced strange and pretty things and it made us happy, made us feel like staying there for longer.


I then opened my eyes. It is my home. All of my family members are doing their usual chores. It is so normal that I couldn’t tell if it was really a dream or we really went there but it was so vivid that we went there. Then I heard someone in my family saying that they want to see the sky in darkness with more than one moon. I also wonder how that sky would look when it is dark. Would all the moons shine brilliantly that it won’t look dark at all or would it just look dark as night?


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