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Surprising Health Benefits Of Taking Jardiance Generic

With all the new type-2 diabetes medications that are available these days, it’s quite challenging to keep track of them. However, it also incites a feeling of confidence within people that they have better choices now. Just a short while ago, the world of medicines welcomed SGLT2 inhibitors. They belong to a specific class of drugs used in the treatment of type-2 diabetes. These medicines include Farxiga, Invokana, and Jardiance. Among these products, the only one keeps on outrunning the others because of all the benefits it has to offer. Here are a few health benefits of taking Jardiance Generic for patients with type-2 diabetes.


Reduces the possibility of hypoglycemia: The medicine mentioned above comes with a reduced risk of causing your blood sugar levels to go lower than it should. Many patients complain that they often experience hypoglycemia or “sugar fall.” It’s because this drug doesn’t depend on the patient’s insulin levels. Unlike the rest of the medicines, it won’t affect your insulin or your insulin sensitivity. It works by increasing the amount of glucose that you excrete when you urinate.

Weight reduction: Apart from helping you control your blood sugar levels, this drug can aid you in losing excess weight. Studies conducted on patients showed an average loss of weight by 2% to 3% in almost every test subject over 24 weeks. Some doctors and pharmacists suggest taking metformin, but another study claimed that 25mg of this medicine works better than 1,500mg of metformin.

Lowering systolic pressure: Of course, this drug is specifically for treating your diabetes, but, quite surprisingly, it helps in lowering the systolic blood pressure of the patients. One particular study showcases that this benefit is available to patients who suffered from chronic kidney disorders or not.

Good for your heart: Indeed, this medicine is perfect for your heart. An increased amount of blood sugar levels often leads to coronary arterial diseases and cardiomyopathy. Several studies conducted in this regard found that this drug is effective in protecting the heart of the patient. Researchers describe this ability as “cardioprotective effects.” Patients will reap this benefit, apart from being able to control their blood sugar levels.

No need to hospitalize: Heart failure events prevent the heart from pumping adequate amounts of blood to the rest of the body. As a result, the loved ones of the patient have to take him/her to a hospital. Heart failure is also a significant cause of death in almost every part of the world. This medicine, however, can reduce the possibility of having to hospitalize the patient if they experience heart failure.

Good for the kidneys: This drug protects the kidneys of patients who have diabetes. A study took place where the patients with type-2 diabetes, who also suffered from heart disorders, received this medicine. The results were extraordinary! They proved that it could reduce the risk of hurting their kidneys by almost 39%. It’s crucial because almost half of all individuals with type-2 diabetes gradually develop kidney diseases and may need to undergo dialysis.

Tolerable side effects: Finally, those who choose to take this medicine to exhibit a significantly high tolerance towards side effects. Only a handful of patients had to stop consuming this drug due to the harshness of the side effects. This product is available in two different doses: 10mg and 25mg. The side effects of these two medicines are almost the same. Only Invokana is the product that showed heart benefits, apart from this one. It doesn’t even increase the risks of amputations or fractures.



Doctors usually prescribe metformin to their type-2 diabetes patients, because this medicine can be costly. Today, however, Empagliflozin 10mg Tablets are available in generic versions. It means that you won’t have to pay too much to get the benefits of this drug.



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