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Raya ElHajjar

The Magically Late Show

This was the worst assignment of my life. My silly boss, Petruchio Van Meister, had instructed me—why me?—to interview the candidates for that new talk show. ‘That New Talk Show’ was the talk of the town. I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about until I saw who the host candidates were. The Tooth Fairy, and Cinderella’s Godmother. When I got my assignment, I groaned for about 10 minutes straight. You see, I’m the Tooth Fairy’s niece. In short, this project was going to be a disaster…  
My phone buzzed. I turned it over and answered…and then at once regretted it.  
“Hello, darling.” my aunt said.  
“Now, my darling niece, I heard that you will be in charge of interviewing the candidates for the little talk show.”   
“Well, it’s not a big deal to me, you know that, but I was wondering if you could put in a good word to Petruchio. Such a lovely man, he’s very hospitable. You know he and I lived across the street when—” I smirked to myself. ‘Such a lovely man’—Petruchio was the opposite of lovely. He lived for money, prestige, and power.  
“Yes, darling?”  
“I won’t do any favors for you. I have to be impartial.” She gasped.  
“Of course, of course, I know, but just in case—”  
“Goodbye, Auntie. See you soon.” I was going to be as impartial as I could.  
“Okay, okay. Ta, darling.”   
I ended the call and checked the time. 10:00. The interviews started in 30 minutes. I grabbed a leftover croissant and headed to the Magically Late Show (MLS) headquarters. It was a quick journey, so I walked.  
“Excuse me?”   
I turned around. Two girls I had never seen before were standing in front of me.  
“We were wondering if you would pick the Fairy Godmother for the talk show,” the taller girl said. I sighed deeply in my head. “I have to be IMPARTIAL!” I wanted to scream. Instead, I said, “Well, I will take that into consideration.  
The two girls beamed and ran off.  
Soon enough, the sparkling towers of the MLS headquarters appeared in front of me. It was a truly majestic sight, the pink spires piercing the clouds, but today I had much on my mind, and loads to do. Petruchio was waiting for me when I walked into the building.  
“Today is the big day,” he said.  
“Good morning,” I said, trying to be as cheerful as I could.  
“You will have the interviews at 10:30, and then I expect a written report on your preferred pick by 11.”   
“That sounds good.” In my head, all I could think was, “How am I going to pick?” If I picked my aunt, people might accuse me of being biased. If I picked the Fairy Godmother, then my aunt would disown me for life.  
“Wonderful!” Petruchio hopped away, his toupee bobbing on top of his head.  
“I’ll be in the Crystal Suite. Send the applicants there,” I said.  
The Crystal Suite was located at the very top of one of the beautiful spires. I took the elevator all the way to the top and walked into the crystal-adorned ballroom. The Crystal Suite had originally been used for grand dances, but now it was used as a meeting room. There was a desk towards one side, and a single chair across from it. I sat down at the desk and laid my notepad down. I felt very professional sitting down at the desk. This job was not exactly fun, but it was a promotion.  
Oh! Whoops. I feel so silly, I completely forgot to introduce myself. Apologies, reader. My name is Belinda Mullins. I am 15 and work as an intern for the Magically Late Show. Sorry about that. Anyway, let’s continue with the story.  
At precisely 10:30, there was a knock at the door.  
“Come in!” I called. I looked up to see who it was. The Fairy Godmother walked into the hall, her heels clicking on the floor.  
“Good morning, Belinda!” she said.  
Before we go any further, it’s easier for me to tell you the Fairy Godmother’s and the Tooth Fairy’s names, to make the reading much easier. The Fairy Godmother’s real name is Mary Lefort. My aunt, the Tooth Fairy is Genovera Quinton. There we go!  
“Good morning!” I titled the first page of my notes ‘Fairy Godmother.’   
“So,” I started, “Let’s begin right away. I will ask you some questions, and then you will answer. It will take around 10-15 minutes—who knows.”   
“Wonderful!” Mary smiled brightly. She was quite pretty—even in old age—with shining silver hair and attentive eyes.  
“First question—Could you tell me about some of your finest achievements.” Mary gave another glimmering smile.  
“Thank you for considering me for this position,” she said. “As for my achievements, well most notably I helped Cinderella go to the ball, which eventually led her to marrying Prince—now King—Charming.”   
I smiled as well. The story of Queen Cinderella and King Charming was one of the loveliest fairy tales in the kingdom. Everyone knew the story, and the Fairy Godmother was like a celebrity. “In addition to that, I also helped found the Midnight Dresses charity—we give out dresses to those in need. Of course, those dresses last much longer than midnight!” She laughed, a tinkling sound—like bells.  
I scribbled down some notes frantically. “Wonderful, now could you tell me—why do you think that you are qualified to be the host of the Magically Late Show?”  
Mary sighed and looked at the ceiling. “Well, Belinda, I think that unlike some, I possess the experience and magic necessary to make the MLS a smashing success!” There was no need for her to mention the Tooth Fairy—everyone already knew that the Fairy Godmother and the Tooth Fairy and an ongoing feud that spanned many years. I nodded.  
“And last question—If you were the host of the MLS, what would you do in your debut episode?”   
“For my first episode, I would interview Queen Cinderella, King Charming, and lovely Princess Mary. They named the princess after me—isn’t that sweet?” That was a clever idea. The kingdom loved the royal family, and the MLS would get many views.  
“Thank you,” I said, “You will be notified if you are chosen.” The Fairy Godmother gave me a glimmering smile, and then exited the ballroom. A minute later, my aunt, Genovera, sauntered in.  
“Hello, my darling Belinda,” she said.  
“Good morning, Auntie. Let’s begin. First question—Could you tell me about some of your finest achievements?”  
Genovera flipped her glimmering red locks. “Of course. My fairies and I single-handedly collect teeth from every child in every kingdom. In exchange for the teeth, which we melt into fairy dust, we give each child a dollar.” I nodded. When I was younger, getting my crisp dollar bill in exchange for a tooth would make me jump up and down with delight.  
“Next question—why do you think that you are qualified to be the host of the Magically Late Show?” 
“Well, to begin with, I am an excellent speaker, and I have many connections, so I could easily find intriguing guests for the show.” I nodded in agreement and scribbled down some more notes. My aunt did have a lot of connections. Although she wasn’t the queen’s godmother, Cinderella had still named her daughter Marella Genovera—after my aunt, one of her good friends.  
“And to finish, if you were the host for the MLS, what would you do in your debut episode?”  
Genovera smiled and tapped her chin. “If I was the hostess, hmm. Well, I think that I would invite the Fairy Godmother on. So many like her, and she is a personal idol of mine.” I looked at my aunt confusedly, but she wasn’t lying. Maybe she did in fact idolize the Fairy Godmother. Then again, she had tried to coerce me into choosing her earlier. An idea began to blossom in my head.  
“Thank you, auntie,” I said. She nodded and headed out of the room. I got out my notepad at once and began to draft a note to Petruchio.  

Dear Petruchio,  
I have finished interviewing the candidates and have come to my conclusion. Both the Fairy Godmother and the Tooth Fairy are sufficiently qualified for this position. Both have many distinguished friends, and both would supply an excellent perspective to the show. After thinking it through, I have decided: the talk show should have two hosts—the Tooth Fairy and the Fairy Godmother. This is an unusual suggestion, I know, but I believe that it will supply the most entertainment to our viewers. Additionally, it will prevent any hard feeling since both candidates will be accepted. This might end in a horrific way, with a fight on national television, but even that would supply an excellent source of entertainment.  
Belinda Mullins 
Intern at the Magically Late Show 

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