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Tips To Create Themes During Shopify Web Development

Veterans of the e-commerce arena know that Shopify is one of the best platforms for an e-commerce website. Even newcomers are well-aware of this platform, but they probably need some guidance if they are planning to use it to create their business site. If you’re one such individual, then this topic is a must-read for you. At the moment, this particular platform is the most favored one among online business owners.


Many people all over the world used it to create their site and sell their products through it. With the help of a Shopify Website Development Company, you will get an easy-to-use, scalable, and reliable site. Now, the theme of a web-based store plays a crucial role in helping you establish your brand in the market and draw the attention of your users.


Working with “Liquid”: If you’re planning to open your e-commerce store by using this platform, then you should learn a few things about developing the theme of your site. “Liquid” is an open-source template language of this platform. Using it shouldn’t prove too difficult. “Liquid,” a Ruby-based language, is the driving force behind every theme that you’ll find. It’s surprisingly readable and uniquely expressive.


The framework of Timber theme: With this framework, you will be able to increase the speed of your theme development tasks as it shortens the entire procedure. It’s one of those theme templates that are perfect for beginners to use when learning “Liquid.” It’s also an all-inclusive package with a massive range of code, layouts, and snippets. You can simply copy everything and modify them for the project.


Utilizing snippets: A folder called “Snippets” should be available with all the themes that Shopify has to offer. As soon as you include one snippet, the underlying code will gain access to every variable within the patent template.


It means that you won’t have to use the “.liquid” extension every time. The naming convention makes it easier for you to find snippets, particularly with the increase in usage.


Reviewing the themes: As already mentioned earlier, you will find many themes that you can use, but you will be able to select only a handful of them from the collection. You must read the guidelines and the reviewing process to understand how you should build a theme for your site. These submissions primarily depend on the layout, aesthetics, and the smallest details.


Before submitting your customized theme for review, make sure that you provide at least three mock designs, a link to the portfolio website, and a rationale for the design choices. If your theme manages to acquire approval, you can move on with the coding tasks and website creation.


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