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Kotlin Developers In Improving Their Android App’s Quality

Android application development has been an irreplaceable part of the online business models. Because with the help of android applications merchants can easily make their application more accessible and visible to their target audience. Further, the availability of an android application can also aid merchants in improving their brand image and making their brand look authentic in front of their users. Also, by choosing the correct tools and technologies for android app development merchants can easily improve their user’s navigation experience as well. This in the long run could easily aid merchants in achieving higher profits and sales efficiently


However, choosing the right tools and technologies can be an overwhelming job for merchants. Instead of handling this singlehandedly, merchants can easily hire an android app development agency. And with the help of their support merchants can look into the alternatives available to them to decide upon the right technology stack for their application development. With this article today, we will be discussing one of the popular technology that is covered with myths and confusion -Kotlin and how it aids developers in improving their app’s quality. But before we dive into that, let us take an in-depth look into Kotling as a mobile development technology.

What is Kotlin?
Kotlin is basically an android development technology that was officially launched by Google. Before this, the only language for Native android application development was Java. With the arrival of Kotlin, the android app development process became more manageable and easier for developers. Further, with the consistent addition of new features and tools, it has made the process of creating offbeat mobile apps easier for developers as well. Further, with the help of Kotlin nowadays merchants can efficiently share business logic across different platforms as well.

Ways Kotlin aid developers in improving their android app’s quality
From the above discussion, we can easily say that Kotlin can easily aid developers in creating unique and out of box android applications for a variety of businesses. Further, unlike Java, by the use of Kotlin, developers can automatically reduce the chances of application crashes and performance issues as well. However, to make the best out of this amazing technology merchants should make themselves familiar with its features and benefits. Below is a detailed list of ways through which Kotlin can aid developers in improving their android app’s quality:


1. Kotlin does not entertain null pointer exception. The nullability is the part of Kotlin’s type system by default. With a majority of Java-based android applications facing crashes due to null pointer exceptions, adapting to Kotlin can make the operation and maintenance of the android application much easier for merchants.

2. Working with enums when there are a number of possible scenarios can be a very daunting task for merchants. While adding a new value every time, merchants have to recheck their whole code which can be very time-consuming and error-prone tasks for programmers. In Kotlin however, whenever a developer uses “when” and is not covering every possibility, it automatically throws an error which makes such tasks much easier.

3. Also coding with Kotlin can aid developers in getting things done by writing fewer lines of code. This, as a result, makes the development process much faster and android applications created in Kotlin lightweight.

To wrap up
Android applications can easily aid developers in improving their accessibility and visibility. However, to gain profits from android applications merchants must choose proper technologies such as Kotlin. With the help of Kotlin, merchants and developers can easily avoid crashes and create lightweight applications for their business.





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