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[{^Mp3^//Zip^}] Ariana Grande Positions (Deluxe) Album Download

Download Deluxe : Ariana Grande Positions Deluxe Album Zip

Download Deluxe :/ Ariana Grande Positions (Deluxe) Album Zip File ! Ariana Grande has confirmed that her fans can expect four new tracks on the deluxe version of her latest album ‘Positions’. The latest version of her 2020 album will arrive this Friday (February 19), with Grande sharing its tracklist on social media.


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Album Link :-


The tracklist confirms that, along with her recent Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat collaboration ’34 +35 (Remix)’, fans can also expect tracks titled ‘Someone Like U (Interlude)’, ‘Test Drive’, ‘Worst Behavior’ and ‘Main Thing’.

“I always envisioned them coming out as a part of this era, this chapter, this storyline, this album,” Ariana previously said of the new tracks. “It felt like they needed to be heard and they needed to kind of give the album a second life down the line.”

rande released her sixth studio album ‘Positions’ in October last year, featuring the original ’34+35′ as well as collaborations with The Weeknd (‘off the table’), Ty Dolla $ign (‘safety net’) and another track with Doja, ‘motive’.

Ariana Grande has some new positions for you. The singer teased that a deluxe edition of her Positions album is coming soon with four new songs. Grande tweeted three images on Monday night (Feb. 1), including a TV with the date Jan. 29, 2021, on it, a bathroom mirror with the names “Ari, Doja, Meg” scrawled on it with a heart and the name of the “34+35” remix they appear on and a new track list for the singer’s sixth album.

The beefed up version lists 19 tracks, with the new songs purposely scribbled out. The fresh track at No. 15 slides in right after “POV,” with another freshie at No. 16, followed by the “34+35” remix, then two more newbies at 18 and 19. The only message Ari included with the cryptic images was “happy february.”

We’re not telling you to give yourself an eyestrain headache right before bed, but since you already have an anxiety headache and a boredom headache, what’s the harm in spending a few minutes or hours squinting at the new track list for Ariana Grande’s upcoming deluxe edition of her 2020 album Positions, which features four new mystery tracks?

In a tweet posted Monday evening, the singer teased a supersized version of her latest EP featuring not only her recent “34+35” remix featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat, but four bonus songs. Of course, the names of all four tracks are intentionally scribbled out, but that does not mean fans haven’t spent their nights taking the gander of their lives, imagining the outline of words like “Lipa,” “Worst Behavior,” and “ft. BTS.” Grande hasn’t revealed a potential release date for the deluxe album yet, so until then, enjoy literally reading into these songs however you want.