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Are Generic Drugs Effective And Safe For Patients

It doesn’t matter whether you have prescription medicine coverage or not. If you choose to resort to generic medication sold by the best Complete Online Pharmacy,  you can save a lot of money. Generic products often cost 80 to 85% less than branded products. However, the real question is – are generic medicines safe for you? Based on what government regulatory bodies have to say, generic medications are as safe and effective as their brand-name variants. Here you’ll learn why they make such a claim.

About branded products: Manufacturers of a licensed and registered drug production company have the right to produce and sell branded merchandise. These companies hold the patent for the medicine. You can buy them against a doctor’s prescription, over-the-counter, or from online pharmacies.


About generic products: Once the patent of a branded medicine reaches its expiry date, manufacturers of generic drugs can produce a copy of those products and sell them. Generic medicines must contain the same active ingredients. Also, the product has to meet the same safety and quality standards. Apart from these considerations, everything from dosage, strength, the way it works, the way a patient has to take, to the health conditions it fixes – every constraint has to match.


Safety and effectiveness: As already mentioned earlier, generic products as safe and effective as their branded counterparts. They contain the same active ingredients. Understandably, they carry the same benefits and risks. Since most people think twice before buying them, government medicine regulatory bodies conduct a thorough examination of every generic medicine as soon as it’s ready for deployment. Experts will review the scientific information about the ingredients used and determine the performance standards. Furthermore, the production facility of a generic drug manufacturer should be the same as used by branded firms.


Differences in appearances: Indeed, generic medicines look different from their branded variants because that’s the norm. No drug manufacturing company can ever create a generic product resembling its branded counterpart. While the active ingredients will match, the flavor, color, extra ingredients, and shape of the product has to be different.


Patent period: Usually, branded products receive patent protection lasting twenty years from the moment the company files an application for production. This patent protects the pharmaceutical manufacturer that pays for the development, research, and marketing requirements. This patent prevents every other company from producing and selling the medicine, at least as long as the patent is in effect. However, once it expires, medicine regulatory bodies can allow other companies to produce generic products.


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