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Mirabegron 50mg Tablet

Everything You Must Know About Jardiance Generic

Jardiance 25mg Tablets is an orally consumable medication that you should take once every day to control blood glucose levels. This drug is suitable only for patients of type-2 diabetes. The product achieves the desired results by helping the user’s kidneys remove glucose from the bloodstream via urine. While it does help in managing high blood pressure and reducing the user’s weight, you shouldn’t take it explicitly to treat your obesity or hypertension. Unless your doctor gives you the green light to take this product with exercise, diet, and special medical care, you should refrain from using it for those purposes.

How it works

This drug does what it should by removing excess glucose from your body through urine. It helps to improve your glycemic control in type-2 diabetes patients. By taking this medicine, you can enhance your HbA1c levels, which in turn reduces the risk of complications associated with this disorder. Since this drug makes the user excrete the calories in glucose, it helps him/her lose excess weight. You probably know how type-2 diabetes can lead to weight gain. It didn’t happen before, but more than 90% of all type-2 diabetes patients these days are overweight. Understandably, taking this product to control diabetes can help patients shed off excess weight and maintain it. However, those who want to take this medicine for weight loss purposes only should combine physical exercise and a proper diet with it.


Doctors will allow you to take Empagliflozin 10 mg to treat type-2 diabetes only under these two conditions.

You can take it when your diet and physical exercise regime doesn’t allow sufficient glycemic control.


You can take it when metformin becomes inappropriate due to intolerance.


Medical experts often prescribe this medicine alongside metformin if a patient is significantly at risk of hypoglycemia or can’t take sulfonylurea. In short, you can take it with either sulfonylurea or metformin.

Not suitable

This medicine is suitable for numerous type-2 diabetes patients. However, you should stay away from it if you have the following conditions.

Severe kidney disorders

Type-1 diabetes


There are other considerations demanding your attention. Before taking Jardiance Generic Equivalent you should let your physician know about the following.

Kidney problems



Liver problems

If you’re on a low-salt diet


Urinary tract infections

High cholesterol

Low blood pressure

If you take any blood pressure medication


How to take

As already mentioned earlier, it’s an orally consumable medicine. You have to take it once every day in the morning, with or without food. Initially, doctors suggest taking the 10mg dose, but they may increase it to 25mg based on your condition. Only health specialists can determine how much you need. You should never try to increase or decrease dosage without your doctor’s permission. If you miss a dose, you must take it as soon as you remember. Just make sure that you never take an extra dose just to compensate for the missed medication. So, if it’s time to take the next dose, you should skip the one you missed.


You have to store the medicine at room temperature but away from moisture and heat. Use the original container provided by your pharmacist to store this product. You also need to keep it away from the sight and reach of kids.


Indeed, a lot of people make the mistake of taking more than necessary if they miss a dose. If you do the same thing, you must get in touch with your doctor immediately for advice.

Side effects

Just like every other drug, this one comes with a few side effects. You will learn about them from the information leaflet that comes with the product. Don’t forget to go through it thoroughly.

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