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3D Interior Designing – Breathing Life into Blueprints

When Elsie de Wolfe received the first-ever commission to decorate a house in 1913, interior design as a profession was born. Despite being just a century old, this lucrative and highly rewarding vocation has evolved by leaps and bounds. From assembling tiny home models for presentation to colored sketches complete with textiles and color palettes, interior design has surely come a long way. The latest edition to the industry is 3D interior designing, thanks to AutoCAD interior design software.

3D interior design and rendering market – A global overview

3D rendering is not merely a service now, it is an expectation from clients and investors.

Here are some key figures that attest to the statement above:

– MarketWatch reports that the global demand for architectural visualization and 3D rendering software will reach USD 5.72bn by 2025. In 2016, it was just USD 0.91bn – that’s a 500% leap!
– North America was the highest contributor to the visualization and rendering market in 2018, according to GM Insights.
– Businesswire reports that the global interior design software market was valued at USD 3.82mn in 2019 and is poised to register a CAGR of 9.07% by 2025 to reach a value of USD 6.43mn.

3D renders don’t just transform a 2-dimensional architectural plan, they are also a form of art. The finest realistic renders will leave you mesmerized. They will be as realistic as a real-life space. Moreover, if you hire AutoCAD drafting experts in India, they will be one step ahead in creativity – by adding reflections, effects, and elements from the surroundings, incorporating shadows, and adding human figures to elicit emotions within the viewer.

3D interior designing – Modern-day form of storytelling
Simply put, a rendering is the process of visualizing and creating models with the help of AutoCAD interior design or other similar software. Typically, interior drawings used to be two-dimensional models, comprising of length and breadth (or the x- and y-axis). 3D interior designing added the element of depth (or the z-axis) that gave a life-like realistic appeal to every model.

Elements in 3D interior designing showcase walls, finishes, textures, shadow, furniture, traffic as well as elevation and spatial relationship among different elements. They also illustrate the overall layout of any room, so potential owners can envision their homes or workplaces even before they are furnished and decorated.

3 reasons why you need 3D interior designing for your next project
The right interior detailing can bring any space to life. Modern designers are leveraging the power of 3D interior designing to attract potential property buyers and investors as well as create brand awareness.

#1: 3D models are potent tools for effective communication.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D render is worth more.

The visual competence of a 3D render allows designers to convey their ideas to clients and investors effectively, thereby increasing the project approval rates. When stakeholders no longer need to “imagine how it will look like”, they can offer feedback, request changes, or give manufacturing or assembly a go-ahead.

#2: Rapid design amendments are possible at zero rework expense.

What do you think is more expensive – reworking a purchased or fabricated element or a virtual design?

Kudos to you if you guessed the latter!

With 3D, interior designers can design and generate several layouts without actually manufacturing or buying anything thus reducing expenses. Even clients can suggest changes in the model or request a complete design re-do. In this scenario, 3D rendering practically brings the rework costs down to zero.

#3: 3D interior designing can help you maintain a competitive edge.

By its very nature, interior design is a very overcrowded business landscape. There is cutthroat competition and newcomers have a hard time lifting off the ground. However, with 3D imagery, it becomes easier to captivate your audience and leave a lasting first impression. You can take your clients on a virtual tour of their projects with just a click.

3D interior designing opens up a world of possibilities for design firms and drafters. Kickstart your design journey right now – hire AutoCAD drafting experts in India.