the short story project


Thahaseen Nashath


Beginning : 

“Beautiful creatures dancing in the dark” was what my little step sister was singing and trust me I was blocking my ears and little did I know I would be dragged out to a concert alongside my little step sister, my older brother and my parents. My family wasn’t perfect and that is what my responsibility was to hold the family together. Sitting in the car wasn’t nice since I had to deal with my older brother who is 2 years older and 17 years of age while my little step sister is 4 years younger than me of 11 years of age. At school I indeed was smart, athletic, popular and cool but at home I would come to the constant door shuts, broken glass laying on the kitchen bench and floor, my step sister crying and my older brother yelling at my parents because he wouldn’t be allowed to go to parties. 

Going into my room I shut the door not fully leaving a gap to hear when the noise calmed down. But today I saw a figure outside my room and little did I know that I was going to open the window. My best friend Leira climbed up a tree to meet me when she heard the commotion outside my house. 

“Damn your family gone high Paige” I look at Leira who sits on my bed and I try so hard to ignore the commotion going in the house. I grip my pen tightly in my hand afraid that I will run downstairs out of the house not coming back. I spin my chair and I look at Leira who stares at a photo on the side of my desk. “That was Tyler” I say it with ease when the memory of him burns into my soul and I can’t help to wonder why he was the one taken away from our family and not me. I would trade my life for his and I would have loved to grow up with my twin but you see life wasn’t perfect for me. 



“Paige wanna see something cool?.” Paige looks at Tyler and he beatboxes and Paige smiles but then they smell something smokey and burnt. Tyler gets up from sitting on the chair and fire has slowly started burning in their room. “Paige I want you to jump out of that window and trust me I’ll be right behind you.” Paige could see the fire making it’s way towards them and she went out the window but really she jumped out of the window which was one story high. Falling on the grass and Tyler came out but really he was struggling to breathe. “Tyler are you alright?”. Tyler smiles before collapsing onto the grass in front of them. 

A whole fire crew, ambulance and police were at the scene which was their house. But really Paige was scared to bits holidng onto her older brother and her parents. Running to her brother who is being dragged into an ambulance van.

“Where are you taking my brother?.” Paige yelled at her family to let go but she gave up and she cried herself to sleep that night. Unable to forget the image of her brother buried in her head, with the burned marks all over him, the dried blood, him collapsing in front of her eyes. 

The next day they take her to the hospital. She walks clutching onto her older brother’s hand and when they reach his room. The doctor says “I’m sorry we did the best we could and he has a few minutes left in him.” The doctor leaves and Paige rushes to Tyler’s side and he opens his eyes halfway and with his breath soft as the wind “I love you and remember never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot be, since that is up to you plus I’m sorry and keep the family together.” Tyler gives Paige a kiss on her forehead before tying a braclet on her hand and then he smiles at her for the last time before his eyes close fully with the heart monitor showing a flat line. Paige cries “Tyler come back please.”



“Paige you good?”. I forgot Leira was here but seriously I knew things would get messed up for me in the future cause for me this was only just the beginning.



Chapter 1