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Akashdeep Sharma

Get More Organic Traffic with Fully Managed SEO Services

When it comes to generating organic leads for the business, one can face several challenges. This is because of the strategies and other aspects of the digital world that makes things difficult. Thus, taking services from an SEO agency can help you rightly. The agency’s successful marketers will help you remain one step ahead of your competitors and target the customers in the right way. Here’s how an SEO agency can help generate organic leads for your business.

1. Drive leads with email marketing

Email marketing undoubtedly is one of the most effective methods for generating leads. This is because nothing works better than sending direct messages to the prospect. However, it is nothing like sending similar ads to thousands of people out there.

Today email marketing includes creativity, personalization, and a variety of acceptable approaches sent to various subscribers. An SEO agency, from segmenting the targeted audience to developing customized emails, will do everything to ensure the audience converts to leads.

2. Run express SEO audit and offer help

It is one of the most popular tricks the SEO agencies use. While having a real-time conversation with potential clients, the job is to convince them to try out your services. But in most cases, convincing isn’t enough. Therefore, it is better to show the customers what your business is all about. Thus, an SEO agency will run an SEO audit on the site and select the perfect moment to show the audience the report. After the presentation, once the customer is convinced they won’t solve all those issues on their own, you will have a new client.

3. Design landing pages that convert

It is quite challenging to find a website that has gained popularity without carefully designing landing pages. Therefore, to ensure your business gets the best the SEO agency will-

• Create a page for advertising your products and services

• Create various similar pages with different designs to find which works best

• Lead the prospect to the webpage by sharing the link on the email or other resources

• Finalize the deal with a call to action.

4. Use lead magnets

There is no reason why only landing pages can be considered for generating leads. There might be many other pages on your website that can be used. The goal of gaining organic traffic can be accomplished using lead magnets like checklists, SEO reports, case studies, ebooks, premium memberships, whitepapers, infographics, etc.

Further, the agency will offer the users a valuable form to fill out as with it; you will be able to provide them with anything you want.

5. Use video content as an incentive

Commercials are a well-known way to generate leads. In today’s world, the video has become a powerful source that works on the targeted people. An SEO agency using the following strategies will bring in organic traffic to your business.

• Keep the video behind bars meaning the prospects first have to offer their information, and only then they can start watching the video.

• They will put a call to action in the videos, or they will make the call to action visible on the page when the video is almost finished

• They will create a video series or a live video series to attract more leads

6. Use social media marketing

Social media marketing is known to offer some of the cheapest ways to gain more leads. On one side, Google asks for $2.50 for marketing, Facebook, on the other, just requires $0.80 for the lead on average. However, you must know the benefit of social media does not restrict this.

The power indeed lies in connecting with the audience. This is why the SEO agencies use all the opportunities to connect with the audience through social media, as this is the best way to generate more leads.

7. Gather positive reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are basically the versions of success stories. Customer feedback in today’s time is known to be just as effective as any case studies. This is because it is relatively easy for a consumer to go through the reviews and testimonials than reading a 20-page long PDF. Also, the thoughts are all present in one place, and the new ones keep on updating, which is quite helpful.

Therefore, having a section for the customers to leave a review of your services is quite essential. However, using the assessments for generating leads requires some additional steps. This is why the SEO agency will create a separate page on your website that showcases some of your best reviews.


Now that we know what an SEO agency can do for your business, you shouldn’t waste any time. Connect with a reliable and reputable agency today. However, if you wish to avoid the hassle of finding a reliable SEO agency on your own, better connect with Webomaze. For years, the organization has been known to deliver the best SEO services that have helped several companies stay on top of their field. So, wait not and connect with them to receive top class SEO services that do wonders for your business.