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WooCommerce Website: 4 Easy Tips To Follow

ECommerce has become the first choice of every business establishment today. It is a convenience-driven society with consumers always on a search for ways in which they can get things done quickly and efficiently. Today, consumers prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes, making eCommerce a go-to solution for both businesses and consumers.

Cost friendly, customizable, and within reach of the potential audience 24/7, eCommerce has a lot of pros for the businesses. Over the past few years, eCommerce has seen a significant rise leading to hefty online competition.

With so many alternatives available to the consumers online, brands are always on their toes to keep their eCommerce platform attractive and user friendly for attracting more traffic.

Developing a WooCommerce eCommerce website is an easy option because of its feasibility and scalability.

In this article, we will discuss a few standards and best practices that you can use for creating your eCommerce store.

Let’s get started!

1.   It is similar to WordPress

WooCommerce is developed and owned by Automattic – the same company that owns WordPress. Therefore, there are a lot of similarities between the two platforms. WooCommerce follows the guidelines of WordPress. Therefore, if you have experience working with WordPress, your work on WooCommerce will be simpler and faster.

There are many online sources about WordPress and its codes that you can apply to WooCommerce. You can easily find an impressive repository of resources to help you develop a rich WordPress platform applicable to WooCommerce. You can find resources about design, plugins, and accessibility, giving you a rich insight into WordPress development.

2.   WooCommerce Hooks and Filters

Today’s eCommerce website is more than just online listings of products and services. Your site needs a design that is easy to comprehend for the users. Working on your eCommerce website’s design structure and layout is one of the first initial steps that every business must take. Use a WooCommerce theme that makes sense! You won’t want your site visitors to feel lost once they visit your site.

When I say “makes sense,” I mean that your website must be structured in such a way that it showcases your relevant products strategically for customers to visit your site again. The layout should have a sensible hierarchy, mainly if your website displays many different product categories.

WooCommerce has its treasure of hooks and filters that you can use to add more functionality to your eCommerce website. To understand these filters of WooCommerce, refer Action and Filter Hook Reference, and you will get information on every kind of filter and hook that are available for the platform.

3. Easy Navigation

As mentioned before, people prefer convenience. With so many options available at their disposal, they have the liberty to seek things that suit their convenience. Online users are also impatient. They don’t like to wait around for the website to load or to comprehend the site’s navigation. Instead, they will leave the site and move on to the next one.

Therefore, your site must be easy to use. The aim should be to let the visitors find what they’re looking for in minimum possible clicks. Simplify your site’s navigation – creating too many unnecessary hierarchies will only confuse the visitors and refrain them from finding the product they are looking for.

To Conclude

Although WooCommerce Website Development is a popular choice to design your eCommerce website because of its easy to use interface, customizing your site according to your needs might take you time. Therefore, if you require your eCommerce platform to be ready in less time with minimum investment, you must hire a professional WooCommerce Development Agency that is well skilled to help you with precisely what you are looking for.

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