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5 Quick Tips For Your Website Design

A website is not just about a beautiful design or fantastic content. It should personify your brand, and possess a style that adds to your site’s user experience and offers a straightforward functionality that is easy to browse through.

Think this way – “Beauty is in the eye of the mouse holder.” It stands true. Different people have different tastes and styles. However, this does not rule out the fact that there are a few ground rules that apply to every kind of successful website design.

Here are five essential tips that make sure you’re headed in the right direction with your Website Design Services.


1.      Follow a minimalistic approach.

Your homepage is the first/main page of your site. People rarely read every word on it. Instead, they quickly scan through the page, picking highlighted keywords or sentences. Keeping this in mind, it is better to appeal to the emotions of the users instead of sticking to the word count. The less text your website has, the less someone will have to click on or remember, the more they will be able to process and make sense of what’s in front of them. Decluttering your site and adopting a minimal approach will ease out the user experience.

Text and CTAs are relevant, sure. But you should make sure that you break long piles of the book into headings, subheadings, and legible paragraphs. You should also add quality images and icons to reinforce your brand message.


2. Create a visual hierarchy in mind

From stone tablets to today’s computers, smartphones, tablets, and now websites, technology is evolving. It is the designer’s job to arrange the content to display it comfortably and comprehensively. With a lot of information on the internet today, you only have a few seconds to draw and grab a user’s attention. Therefore, it is crucial that you layout a clear hierarchy to your information; this way, your users will unconsciously follow the breadcrumbs on your site easily. Once you have figured a legit content hierarchy, you can then apply other elements like color, contrast, spacing, and size for further accentuation.


3. Improve the “Readability” factor

Readability factor measures how convenient and easy it is for online users to read and understand words, phrases, and sentences. When your site’s readability score is high, it means that users are efficiently scanning your website and comprehending all the information without much effort.


4. Make your site easy to navigate.

As a website designer, it is in your nature to experiment with new design structures, but website navigation should be kept out of this experiment. A website navigation structure must be simple at all times. Don’t end up confusing your visitors and search engine crawlers just to create a new style website. Consider these key points –

●   Add your logo to your homepage.

●   Place your menu in the header section of your site, structured accordingly.


Can my visitors access my website on the go? If not, you should immediately make your site mobile friendly with the help of a professional Website Design Services in New York so that you can keep up with the mobile-first world. Make sure to see your site and mobile-first design by stepping into the users’ shoe – test out every page, content piece, user action, and CTA button.


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