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The Distinction Between Brand-Name drugs v/s Generic Drugs

In today’s time, a lot of people have a misconception about generic drugs or to put it straight don’t know the actual difference between a brand-name drug and generic drug.

In lay man’s language, you have two options in almost everything from clothes, mobile phones, shoes, etc.; likewise, you have the same pair of prospects in medications as well, Brand-name and generic. 


Difference between brand-name and generic drugs?

The main difference between a brand-name drug v/s generic drug is nothing but the pricing and the packaging of the medication, rest everything is the same from its chemical composition, active ingredients, purity, potency, and strength, meeting all the FDA standards. 

However, the active ingredients may be the same as that of the original drug, but the inactive ingredients may not be the same such as the preservative and fillers. But, this does not affect the performance characteristics. Neither does the overall appearance of the drug hampers the effectiveness of the drug. 

A generic is made when the patent expires, and the Food and Drug Administration permits the manufacturers to sell the generic version of the original medication. However, the respective manufacturer needs to prove that the product contains the same active ingredients, dosage, and concentration as that of the original drug. 

Now comes the question of why are generic drugs cheaper than the brand name drugs?


Why are generics cheaper than brand-name drugs?

The brand-name drugs are much costlier as they undergo rigorous clinical trials that the company puts to gain FDA approvals. Whereas, generic medications, however, do not have to spend time or money into research, tests, marketing, and developing a new chemical entity, which is why it is cheaper to buy generic drugs. 


Are generics as effective as brand-name products?

The potency, dosage, and active ingredients are the same, which is why it is as effective as that of brand-name drugs. The FDA only approves the generic when the manufacturer proves the generic meets all the industry standards. 



Generic and brand-name drugs are equally effective. However, there is no problem whatsoever in taking any of the two. The only major difference it has is the pricing; generics are sold at a much lower price due to the reason stated above which is why people go for the generic rather than brand-name drugs. 

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