the short story project


Prachi Kothari

The Incredible Epithemius




Five bosom buddies took a pledge under the shade of the oak tree on the city’s foothill. 

“We, The Exceptional Green Painters, or TEGPs will start conserving nature as we have a profound love for it. If nature is safe, then we are safe. So, let’s start this invigorating journey.” 

These were the best group of children I had ever seen in the world. Every day The Exceptional Green Painters did at least one remarkable work for the beautiful blossom of world-nature. One day, not finding any work to do, they were weary. They went on the foothill and laid down under the cool shade of the oak tree. 


Trees can’t move, but they have the power to express themselves and make friends with those who are affectionate to them. The oak tree was in love with the TEGPs and could even predict their expressions. So, he said, 

“Hey, my friends, I praise you for your excellent job in your club. I know you all are bored today, so do you want to become joyful again by going on an adventure?” Red roses of bliss started growing on the TEGP’s lips.

 “Sure,” said the five simultaneously.

 “Ok, then press my trunk.”


 When they pressed the trunk, a blue, glittering swirling formed; it pulled the five best friends towards the swirling. “Woohoo,” said Rosy rotating inside the big blue pipe. 

After twenty minutes they reached there. It was all silent. The sky was pink, purple trees with gold leaves. 




“Which place is this?” asked Ron. 

“Thud, Thud,” a voice came from behind! They felt as if someone is stomping. Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

 “Aaaaa! ” cried Ron. 

“Ron!” everyone shouted. The massive gorilla took Ron and passed it to the other one. Everyone tried saving Ron. Unfortunately, they couldn’t. Everyone’s heart broke.


Astonishingly, a pink, endearing cat who could stand on two legs came in front of them and said, 

“Hi, Welcome to The Incredible Epithemius. I am Goodolia. If you notice on your wrist, there is a watch. It can’t tell you the time. But, in it, there are several gems with which you can pass the adventure. Various gems have different powers. Your friend Ron is in deep trouble. Save him as expeditiously as you can. That’s all from my side. All the best!!” said the quirky animal. 


“Boom,” an enormous rock came running from the backside. “Friends, run, a new problem.” They tried to run at full pelt. Luckily, all were safe. Everyone’s heart was thumping at every second.





 A group of small rabbits picked the four friends and took them to the start of a bridge. They said, 

“Here’s the way. Go to the end of the bridge in five minutes. There you will find a statue of a dinosaur’s big open mouth. Go inside it; You’ll be in the last predicament. The timer starts, three, two, one, Gooo”. 

The bridge had many spaces in between. 

“Careful, Careful, hold the rope tightly, Aaa Hush, be vigilant, and jump.” and they triumphantly reached the end. The monstrous mouth of the statue dinosaur opened and had razor-sharp teeth. So, they had to be very meticulous.


Sedately, they went inside and opened the door. 

“Oh, see there, Ron in between the metal swords, we’ll have to save him.” Ron was sobbing there.

 “Ha ha ha, finally you came here, you look scrumptious,” said a stout gorilla wearing a hairy jacket and vampire’s heads.

 “No, no, please, we are not at all delectable. If you want fruits, then we can give you those. “

 “No, no, I want you, just you.” 

A tranquil breeze whistled in the corners of the enormous room. “Attack!! ” shrieked the gorilla. The gorilla’s shout broke the tranquillity of the room.





 Millie removed the blue-tinged gem out of her watch. Shockingly, she flew up. 

The gorilla threw a long, green beam of light on Brown.

 But, Brown removed the blood-red gem out. He threw a larger beam of red light on the gorilla. 

The wallabies were fighting with Chris and Rosy.

 Chris removed the yellow gem. Super-fascinating magic happened.

 Many wallabies died. 

 Millie came down and began fighting with the tiny frogs. Rosy removed the blue gem out. Everything came to a halt!


 No one was moving in that deep silence. Rosy took Ron out of that soundless room. The green gem of the evil gorilla also broke into pieces.


 Joyously, the gorilla came to an end now. 

All were immensely optimistic. The five bosom buddies were together again. 

A flying car came to the ground and took them near the oak tree. Enthusiastic bumps started generating in everyone’s heart. 

They said,

 “This adventure was indescribably splendid., today was the most imperishable day of all.

 Thank you, god, for making this arresting nature, 

I am grateful to the oak tree for taking us on this wondrous adventure,

 and lots of thanks to Epithemius- the Greek god who made animals for making his astounding planet, 

“The Incredible Epithemius.”