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Prapti Chauhan

10 Tips for a Comfortable Pregnancy During Summers

Pregnancy and summer do not go hand-in-hand, especially if you are in your second or third trimester. The summer heat can add to the woes of pregnant women as they may face excessive sweating, swelling of hands and feet, decreased urine, burning while urinating, sluggishness, nausea, headaches and exhaustion. However, with a few simple tips, you can keep the heat under control. Consult with your doctor if any of the symptoms aggravate.

Stay Hydrated

Summer heat causes dehydration, therefore, mandatorily drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Dry lips, nausea, dizziness, yellow urine and burning during urination are all signs of dehydration. The easy way to get rid of these symptoms is by drinking plenty of water and fluids.

Healthy Meals

Be careful about what you eat during summer. Avoid spicy meals as they may cause heat in the body. Also, avoid outside food as there are increased chances of food contamination during the summer months. Eat home-cooked fresh meals. Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Wear Right Clothes

Wear clothes that allow air circulation. Go for cotton, loose-fitting clothes to avoid exhaustion. Avoid wearing jeans and trousers. Instead, opt for long dresses, skirts or maxi dresses. Avoid wearing dark-coloured clothes as they increase heat absorption. Be careful about undergarments also. Wear cotton undergarments only.

Take Bath Regularly

The most refreshing thing to do in the summer months is to take bath in cold water. Immerse yourself in the bathtub with some scented candles on the side. You can also stand under the shower to cool your body. Swimming would not only keep you cool but also help you exercise. However, avoid crowded public pools.

Avoid Swollen Feet

Most pregnant women experience swelling of the feet during the summer months. Keep your feet elevated. This would help in blood circulation and not cause edema. Also, wearing the right kind of shoes is important. Try to wear open sandals or slippers.

Avoid Afternoon Sun

Avoid direct sunlight during pregnancy. Especially during the afternoon when it is scorching hot. If you have to go out then try to schedule your outings in the morning or evening when the heat is manageable. Getting a sunstroke is not desirable during pregnancy.


Try to do indoor exercises, such as yoga, during summer. You can also go swimming. If you are fond of walking and running then do it early in the morning.

Take an Afternoon Nap

If you can manage then taking a nap in the afternoon would be a good idea to avoid the scorching heat.

Stay Safe from Bugs

Summer is the time when bugs are everywhere. Take precautions against bugs such as houseflies, mosquitoes, spiders and ants. Do not get bitten by any bug as they may prove dangerous during pregnancy. Use organic mosquito repellents to keep mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes can cause diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya that may prove fatal.

Houseflies can cause infections and spiders can give you rashes. Always be extra careful about bugs.

Wet Wipes: Try to stay cool by wiping your face with wet wipes or wet towels whenever you feel hot flushes. Stay under the fan or in an air-conditioned room to stay cool.

Summers can be extreme in some places, and with your hormones behaving eratically, pregnancy can seem uncomfortable during the hot months. However, by keeping the above 10 tips in mind, you can stay cool and relax. 


Author Bio: Prapti Chauhan is a professor of Genetics in Bangalore. She has contributed to several online research papers. However, she passionately develops contents on pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, benefits of cord blood banking and umbilical cord lining and more.