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Types of Ads that the Best PPC Agency in NYC Offers

A PPC agency is a company that helps in promoting your services and ideas through ads. The agencies are responsible for successful marketing campaigns in Google Ads, Bing Ads, commercial websites, social media platforms, etc. These companies have experienced personnel or expert teams that look after the ongoing marketing trends in the field and identify the best platform for their client to target their audience. Their extreme audience research based on varied fields and domains has helped many attain the desired marketing results. 

Search Ads

Search Ads, the most common format offered by any PPC Services in New York, are non-visual ads that contain only texts. They pop-up at the top and bottom of the search engine result page when you search on a particular topic. These are distinguishable from the search results and get mentioned as Ads in their headings to clarify the viewers.

Display Ads

Another type of PPC ad, Display Ads, are a great way to find and target your interested audience. These paid ads generally include pictures of the product to be promoted with relevant text explaining the service and appear on Google’s partner websites. It is highly beneficial for selling your product to probable customers.

Social Ads

Undoubtedly the most effective of all the ads, any of the Best PPC Agency in NYC will guide you trying the social ads that appear on the feeds of the websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. These effective ads can target viewers using advanced aspects like location, demographics, interests, etc.

Remarketing Ads

It is a kind of repeated ad that you can run over sometimes to re-engage your audiences. Here you aim for those who may have interest in your services but are currently considering another similar offering. You can convince these probable customers by presenting them with the remarketed ads through tracking pixels.

Instream Ads

The most trending of all, instream ads are primarily video clipping ads that feature on YouTube and sometimes on social media sites. In YouTube, they play as non-skippable ads for a short time that effectively gets the audiences engaged to the promoted content.

Try the variations

With so many options, you can surely get confused about which one to choose. First, identify the type of audience you wish to target for your product promotion. Based on that, choose the platform where the density of your targeted traffic is more and promotes the ads. For ensuring maximum visibility, please try your hands on more than one aspect. Get in touch with an expert and get started.


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