the short story project



The happy pig

Thare once was a pig. His name was baccon. Evry one laphed at him and made fun of him becuse of his name. one day some thing amazzing happend to him. I hope that you stay tooned to this story to see what happend to this little pig.


Hello, I am a pig named baccon. Yes my name is baccon. I am laphed at all the time becuse of my name. One time my own best freind laphed at me becuse of my name. I have learned that my name is my name and I can’t change my name and that is that, But one day I heard a woman. She sead over and over agen “Come to me” and then the woman walked up to me. She sead “my name is jill and I am a witch.” Then she sead I know how to find your real name. You do, I sead politly. Yes I do, She sead back. “Come with me”. Ok, I sead. You need to pass the 3 chalanges to prove your worth to the gods. How do we start. When can we start. Here, She sead, and as soon as soon as she sead that we where warped into a room. She sead we hath to get out of this room to win the first chalange. But thare is no dore. That is the point, and then she disapeard into thine air. Thare was tow levers with a sign over eatch of them. one sead “#1” and the other one sead “#2”. Thare was also one sign saying “If you get this one wrong then you will lose and spend all of your life in this room.” Thare was also a big board saying “THEORISING”. Then he rememberd that he learned about anagrams in a book. He rescrambled the leters and it sead “ONEISRIGHT”. He fliped the first lever and the dore apeard and jill was back. Good job, she sead. Lets go on to the next chalange. Then we where warped into the next room. It was a liybrary. You need to find the math books. That will be hard. Thare are 300,000 books in this lybrary and only 2 of them are math books. Thare was a sign like the last one. It sead “PLOOKU”. I did not think that it woould be the same thing so I did not take the time to rescramble the sentence. I looked for 2 hours and then I thot mabby I should rescramble the sentece or what ever it is. It sead lookup, so I did. Thare was the book. It sead math on it. I felt dumb for a second thare becuse I had past that book so many times, But the fact was that the book was so high up that I coould not reatch it. After all I am a pig so that makes me small. Then I found a golden glowing book. On it, it sead “get on and take a ride.”. What dose that mean. Then I had it. Get on it and I will fly. That is what it wants me to do, But how can books fly. Then the words changed. They now sead/say “Just do it”. Then I sead “ok ok I get it”. I hoped onto the book and then I flew it up to the 2 math books some how and then jill apeard and sead “You won the chalange, I knew that you coould do it.”. No you did’unt, I sead. Ya I did’unt.” Then we where warped to the next room. This was the last room and then I was going to find out my full name. In the room thare was 3 keys on the tabble. I was gessing if I picked the wrong one then I woould loose the chalange forever, and if I waited to long then somthing woould happen. I needed to win this chalange. Thare was text on the walls. It sead “red blue never pick blue but blue mite be the one other that white.” I chose the blue and the red. Then the dore opend. Then I go the white key and they mixed together and made a oltemant key. I put the key in the key hole and the other dore opend. Then I ran out and jill and somthing that looks like a god and somthing that looks like a godess sead “YOU HAVE PASSED THE CHALANGES AND HERE IS YOUR NAME”. Then he sead “BACON IS BAD”. What my name is bacon is bad. Well they wont laphe as much any more. Thanks. Then I was warped into my villige. I told all of the little and big pigs in the vilige my real name. Then I lived happyly ever affter. Well for now!!!