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A Customer-Centered Online Pharmacy Concept

What is missing in the communication between patients and pharmacists?

According to the Siemens Healthiness report, only 38% of patients received fully understandable medical information during their last visit to the doctor and felt they could freely ask for details. This leaves the majority of people who need medical support in danger of taking medication in an inappropriate way due to a lack of information or comprehension.

To find answers to these questions, we partnered with Apteka Gemini, one of the biggest pharmaceutical chains in central Europe. We needed reliable insights into how patients are getting their medications and what kind of support they need. 

Developing a future solution that connects people with medical services

According to McKinsey, over 75% of patients expect to use digital services in the future. We believe that this change will come very soon. Together with developers and analysts from Divante Innovation Lab, we ran an analysis of technologies that are already used in other sectors.

With a selection of possible technologies, we put the patient in the center of our design process and start looking for necessary healthcare products and solutions. We worked out all processes and interactions that always start from patients and accordingly flow towards doctors, pharmacists, laboratories, medical stores and pharmacies, families, carers, and delivery companies. 

Concept of the Pharmacy of the Future

With the Online Drugstore in USA we imagined a perfect system and how it could look. Divided into multiple products and services, it turns out to be a complementary and flexible set of tools for various players in the intersection of pharmaceutical, medical, and other related sectors. All of these elements are centered around the patient.

Key elements and technologies of the Pharmacy of the Future 

Integration with pharmacies and medical centers – throughout which a patient can share and update treatment history, get advice on drugs, receive and realize prescriptions, and contact with experts.

Intuitive drugs search – accessible either via barcode scanner or text search which, in connection with Artificial Intelligence, gives the user comprehensive information about the drug, its availability, and possible interactions with other drugs.

Integration with online pharmacies – where the patient can gain a prescription for RX drugs and simply buy OTC drugs with flexible delivery options: same-day delivery, via vending machines, or on-site pick-up.

Internet of Things connection – the patient can collect additional data regarding his or her health, voice order new medications or medical products, and get updates about the current availability.

More about Pharmacy of the Future

The concept of Pharmacy of the Future is based on available technologies and solutions which are already used in some sectors; however, its realization depends on the current state of legislation. Both local and international laws control and limit certain possibilities of this concept, such as the controlled access to prescription drugs. This is clear, as some medications can be harmful and access to them must be protected.

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