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Sejal Shah

A Quintessential Guide to Caring for Your Basketball Shoes

You already know how important your basketball shoes are! They are your partner on the court and helps you enhance your skillset by providing your feet the support they need. From a lot of basketball players, there comes a common complaint of the short life span of their shoes. But all of them make the common mistake of not caring for their shoes daily. To extend your shoe’s life, you need to properly care for them. Washing them once every few weeks isn’t enough.

Extend Your Shoe Life!

Your shoes endure intense, rough, and hard games during your daily practice especially when the competition season is closing in. If you want to use your favorite pair of basketball shoes for a longer time, then you need to keep them clean and maintain them. If you think keeping them clean is all about appearance, then you are wrong. A dirty shoe can hinder your performance and you don’t want that.

Whether you are wearing them during your practice or a game, your shoes need to have a good grip and support your gameplay so that you don’t slip and fall. If your outsole is dirty, the grip won’t be good enough and you may end up injuring yourself. Keep your favorite pair of Kyrie 1 Black squeaky clean for good performance. Read further to know how to care for your basketball shoes.

How to Clean?

Dry brushing your shoe every day is a good way to go. If you do not have a shoe brush, use an old toothbrush to dry brush the outsole, midsole as well as uppers properly after your daily practice and game. Don’t wait for them to be extremely dirty. Dry brushing them daily will help you extend their usage period.

A weekly clean with mild laundry detergent should be done without fail especially if you play outdoors. Make sure to remove the shoelaces and insole before cleaning your shoes. Mix some lukewarm water with a small amount of laundry detergent unless you have a special shoe cleaning liquid. Use a soft sponge or a clean cotton cloth to apply the mixture to all the dirty areas. You don’t need to apply it to areas that are clean instead just wipe them with lukewarm water.

Do NOT submerge your shoes directly into water or put them under a tap with running water. Use another sponge or cloth to apply water and wipe off the excess soap. Let your shoes air dry but do NOT put them under direct sunlight as it will harm the outer material making them stiff and crinkly. Do NOT use a washing machine or a dryer to wash your shoes. Just your hands!

How to Maintain?

Store them right! Do you keep your shoes in your gym bag? If you are, then stop! Keeping your shoes in the gym bag till you reach home is fine but take them out as soon as you are home. Keeping them in the bag can make them lose their shape and they will end up smelling. Store them somewhere they can get good airflow.

If your shoes are wet after your weekly clean or due to the rains and you need them the next day, stuff some dry tissues into them. The tissues will suck the water and help you air dry your shoes faster. If your shoes are designed for indoor play, then don’t wear them anywhere else. Your basketball shoes are meant to be worn only on the court.