the short story project


Nikki J

Master Plan 

The sweat exuded from my forehead, oozing heavily down my cheek, blood vessels in my heart pumping and resounding uncontrollably in my ear, while artfully fixated on the prize. I had to make my plan. Regardless of how many times I had completed my task impeccably, adrenaline pumped through my body and my veins danced. I began rapidly and deftly sorting out the information gathered in a year. People were engulfed with apple pie candles, Christmas trees, lights and hot cider, they were too consumed with happiness they couldn’t fathom my delicately designed plan.

It was finished. It just had to be put into action.

The plan began in the early hours of the morning, before the sun was awake, before anyone else was awake. I took my list, my hit-list, and read it over. Not once, but twice, and made sure I wasn’t missing a single thing. I had to move quickly, or they would catch me. I had to be quick and silent getting out of the house. I couldn’t risk waking a single person.

Getting outside worked without a hitch. The floor didn’t creak, the car started, and I made my way down the street. I had my tools. Everything was going perfectly, just as I had planned it.

Driving down the street, I got a phone call. I picked it up, careful to sound casual.

“Where are you?” My husband asked, his voice thick with sleep. “I didn’t think you started work this early.”

“Breakfast with my boss,” I answered smoothly. He didn’t need to know I had taken the day off to work this plan. “Don’t worry.”

“Alright, I’m going back to sleep.” He hung up the phone after a moment’s pause, and I relaxed. He hadn’t picked up that something was different today, that the plan was in motion. That was what I needed. He would be just as surprised as everyone else when the plan finished.

It would take a long time to get to the end of the plan, twelve days in fact, but I was ready. This was simply step one. Step one was critical, the key that would unlock the rest of the plan. I had to pull this off.

And yet, the universe seemed against me. There was another obstacle, a road closure. I carefully turned around, trying to figure out a new way to my destination. I had to be there early, before everyone else got there. I had to be the first.

A simple road closure was not going to be the end of me, I knew that for sure. I kept driving, taking myself down roads I had barely used before, but I knew I would make it to my destination. I had to get there. Everything depended on it.

I pulled into the parking lot of my destination, sliding into a spot. I turned off the car, grabbed my bag, and got out, sprinting to the door of the building.

Luckily, I hadn’t had a reason to worry. The sun was peaking up from behind the trees, but no one was there yet.

I had made it to Best Buy, first in line, to conquer the weak and viciously grab the PS5 for my husband.