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Deon Dominick

Pyrrhic Default: Count Omnipotence in Ommatidia

The Omni-Nihility Brethren arrive on the enigma Island, Adam’s Peak, abode of the first man to roam Earth, which destitute matriarchs deliver neonates by the prophetic approach of Esoteric Planes. The Chauvinism of the Industrialization sacrifice the impregnated women to the Brobdingnagian Strigiformes(Owl) Fukuro, in search of the child who bears the corundum of the Hemlock Hemisphere, capable of ceasing discarnate vertebrates who lie dormant within the core of myriad Heavenly bodies, after Wadsworth the menagerie poet, defeats the totality of Omnipotence in ommatidia perception, hidden in Zeus’ Potential default Heir Zagreus, decomposed in Fukuro’s Pellet. Given the invasion of absorbing wandering planets luring transmundane entities, Emmy Rose, a dexterous descendant, eligible of communicating with extraterrestrial life, ascending Extraterrestrial technology.

Performing Astral projection she travels to hell to retrieve her Father’s Consciousness and store it within the Extraterrestrial Motherboard which claimed his life. Beelzebub, the son of Satan possesses Emmy’s body, trapping her in Astral form, to avoid interference with the Zodiac Extinction Declaration proposed to the Galactic Ichneumon to hone Earth as a nest to incubate its eggs for Infinite Realm Closure, sealing the entrance of heaven and hell, absorbing both the soul and soul case of Humans. Regarding the Warning two heralds, carry the message as the Dingo Wolf and Tasmanian Tiger, classes wage the carnivore wreath inflicting ancestral scars, Goliath of the Omni-Nihility, erupts princess Echo’s volcano neighboring the parturition summit.

Both opposing fangs abandon the duel of the paws, once Tasmanian Tiger Tengoro, discovers a boy named Deon in the pouch of his sister Ejiki who was struck by the Auriferous comet of Echo’s Eradication. As the molten rock descends her body to ash, Avgerinos the incessant limb Saurian, is banished from the omnibenevolent realm Rakuen Peak by the Albino Peacock Hera’s “Jigsaw Genesis” disassembling the entirety of Omni-Existences encased in dimensions of superlative heights. The Bellow of the universal life force God, convey tengoro to judgment day where he must defeat the Shadow psyche, Dionysus of Zeus, The origin of Deon’s appellation and Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, from obtaining the sacrosanct encephalon reign, The Apparition of God’s Countenance hidden in the Panspermia Mausoleum.

The Greek Government partially restores Dionysus’ Theatre into his quintessential bequest, exhibiting the dionysian mysteries. Depicting the catastrophic story of a displeased Agamemnon, bent on decimating the God of Wine for his derision. Dhaodrius, Vrontosavros and Deon accompanied by his forename ousted Dionysus and his acolytes to be pampered with the divinity’s hierarchy. Encountering an enraged Agamemnon, who nearly perishes the omni-benevolent Vrontosavros, Dhaodrius becomes hellbent to avenge his million year old friend, only to be defeated single handedly, leaving Deon alone to suffer for impersonating his origination.

Miraculously he is spared by Dionysus himself, impersonating Deon as an Incognito effeminate gender metamorphosis, who severely wounds his appellation procurer’s adversary, only to oppose the Bacchus, baring the Surname of the Messiah, who dismantled the Dying and Rising God’s cult during the Pre-Christianization of Europe.

During the Battle of Dhaodrius and Wadsworth, The Hanuman discarnate transcendence relieves the Author Authority wielder of Transmundane humiliation, granting him his request to put Homo Socrates’ wisdom into practice “True Knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing”.

Stripping him of his present evolution and descending into a Home Erectus, succeeding the Inchoate hominid of the Monkey God’s choosing. Severing his ancestral connection with the Pyrrhic Default Omni-creator through parturition time lapse, abandoning his discovery of the dichotomy affinity gentleman. Substituting the original deceased Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Hanuman spares him from his parallel current status and Dhaodrius’ vengeance, unknowingly embarking on a veiled and unveiled process through the transformation of reality. Gambling with the probability to walk a distinctive path from his alpha identity or captured in the clutches of his origination’s entertainment, the sealed signature in reference to his eminent quote.

Dhaodrius and Vrontosavros celebrate the one millionth anniversary of their friendship since the Anthropomorphic division of Zeus’“Oroborosu Scale”. Accepting the request of the mother of the Gods, Cybele, to travel into the Aurora Borealis, escorting the Diadem of Dionysus and Cybele’s pet Dragon Typhon into the Discarnate Plane to retrieve the sacred Giraffe from the Incessant fountain of Poseidon. Upon retrieval Typhon frames Dhaodrius of killing Cybele’s Giraffe by planting Cockscomb Acid in his scepter although it was Typhon’s Saliva which drenched and melted the Ikimono, leaving just it’s skull.

Cybele punishes Dhaodrius, banishing him from Rakuen Peak, The Empyrean Topiary, crash landing on Earth, Submerging the entrance of Cybele’s realm underground at the center of the planet’s core. Awakening Avgerinos, Cybele’s corrupted perfection, who travels through the entrance and slaughters his Origination in order to bestow Self Origin Manipulation upon his being. Dhaodrius regains consciousness after his head injury only to discover Vrontosavros beheaded, seeking answers to his friends murder, he climbs the topiary tower leading him to Rakuen Peak, only to be knocked backed unconscious from an Omni-Explosion. Set off by Avgerinos, releasing Cybele’s Sacrosanct powers and abilities upon the Omniverse in search of the carrier of Self Origin Manipulation, transcending Omnipotence in Cybele’s Image.

Dhaodrius awakens once again to rediscover a beheaded Vrontosavros in his view . He is later introduced and befriends Goriate of the skeleton limb tarantula, who restores his memory of Typhon’s betrayal. Setting his sights on revenge, he climbs the Empyrean Tower once again, to witness it is destroyed along with the pathway to Cybele’s Topiary. Goriate lends a helping hand escorting Dhaodrius to his ship where he intends to bring Dhaodrius to an Oracle, who will assist him in his journey. But the two bump into an unknown author authority being, who goes by the name Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who steals Goriate’s soul leaving him lifeless. An angry Dhaodrius attacks the mysterious Enemy only to be rendered unconscious and sold as a slave to Eminent Pirates.

Aboard their ship Dhaodrius reunites with Deon Dominick Jr., who was banished from Rakuen Peak for his great lust for the Giantess Mother of Gods Cybele. Plotting their escape Deon sends his blood to the depth of the ocean to attract a megalodon, which given the signal, eradicates the ship in half. Deon and Dhaodrius is escorted to princess echo’s continent by water voles, as they began to search for Sozo-ryoku skull, the embodiment of imagination.

Deon and Dhaodrius come across the Codex Borgia of Tlaloc, the supreme good of the rain. There they are confronted by an ancient philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche, who seeks the regenerative healing factor of Grassbeard, the guardian if Cybele’s Olympian Garden. Nietzsche manipulates Shadowsnow the son of Tlaloc, to control the sky, making it rain on Cybele’s emerald garden to flourish her plants containing the Healing Factor. Short after Grassbeard awakens, challenging the trespassers to a Duel. Deon and Dhaodrius are at a disadvantage due to the Shadowsnow’s sky master, as the rain rapidly supports Grassbeard’s regeneration. Dhaodrius confiscates the Codex Borgia to manipulate the Thunder and Lightning.

Deon and Dhaodrius perform Tlaloc’s dance to perforate the heart of Grassbeard’s regeneration, accumulating mass damage, to render the healing factor useless through the ThunderFlame Trident. Shadowsnow escapes from Nietzsche’s clutches and retrieves the Codex Borgia along with the Sozo-ryoku skull from Grassbeard’s brain. Horsebough, a spy of Tlaloc reports the battle to the supreme God, leaving Deon, Dhaodrius and Nietzsche on a chase for the skull of imagination. Shadowsnow returns to the Fertility empire and is instantly killed by his father, Tlaloc for failing his Task. The Trio encounter Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, triggering a vengeful Dhaodrius, the diadem of Dionysus becomes paralyzed from the cloak of Frozenmantle the Ice Princess, Longfellow’s slave.

Nietzsche’s philosophical concepts of his sacrosanct book of sealed author authority is rewritten in his own blood, a signature of enslavement, to be identified as wadsworth’s ideological novel characters. Frozenmantle leaves the battlefield with horsebough to prepare for the deity sacrifice, summoning tlaloc, with dhaodrius as the tribute. Deon hits wadsworth with the thunderflame trident combined with the off-guard strike, a one attack victory probability embedded in the cybele techniques of various wielders. Wadsworth survives through vocifery, reality manipulation of everything the user says, an astounded remains powerless and running out of time to save dhaodrius. Nietzsche is countered and is separated from his adult form, with his soul encased in his youth stage.

Wadsworth imprisons both nietzsche and deon in a “dream asylum” to reminisce their deceased siblings and to cast out their demons without disqualifying the preeminent quality of their disposition, Wadsworth’s game based on Nietzsche’s philosophical quote. Frozen mantle and horsebough arrive at tlaloc’s sepulcher, offering the sozo-ryoku skull, along with shadowsnow and dhaodrius. Expecting a reward from his master, horsebough, freezes frozenmantle in her own cloak sacrificing her as well, Tlaloc is summoned, killing horsebough in his own summoning. To his amazement dhaodrius is alive due to restarting his heart, meanwhile deon struggles to cast away his demon. In the palm of the coldglow, dhaodrius is in a heated battle with tlaloc in order to collect the sozo-ryoku skull, Wadsworth absconds the psyche corpse of frozenmantle and heads for princess echo’s volcano to divide the lands.

Nietzsche and deon continue to defeat the ideology which was formed from the lowest depths of satan’s kingdom. Tlaloc wields his pearl blade of andromeda against dhaodrius’ horn blades of the golden aurora taurus, previously dismembered by the megalodon of his grand escape. Wadsworth returns goriate’s soul to achieve his plan as a substitute, eradicating princess echo’s volcano, signaling the showdown between the tasmanian tigers and african wild dogs, the rivalry depicting ancestral scars. Tengoro of the tasmanian tigers and Lycaon pictus, leader of the wild dogs engage in a war conflict to the death. Tlaloc destroys the continent, manipulating the earth and flooding the field with a Tsunami, cutting the ocean in two, in event conducting electricity for dhaodrius’ finishing blow the “Iron Bolt”. Ejiki, the sister of tengoro is struck by a auriferous meteorite of echo’s destruction.

Tuned to his sibling’s cry, Tengoro flee from the waltz of competition, to repossess the Hemlock Hemisphere corundum from abandonment. Because of its great power to cease discarnate vertebrates who lie dormant within the core of myriad celestial bodies, similar to Avgerinos. As Tlaloc suffers defeat, the supreme god desperately descends himself into the codex borgia to procure his existence for 500 years, but his evolution backfires in transformation malfunction. Imploding from the numerous offerings he embodied committing suicide, with his spirit trapped in limbo, the failure of afterlife conveyance. Frozenmantle is sent back to her planet “Horridus” the smoldering heavenly body constantly formed from the ashes of the neonate offspring of Dionysus, cast into the fire of Moloch.

Wadsworth steps foot on the parturition summit neighboring princess echo, the enigma island of the first man to roam earth. Which destitute matriarch deliver infants by the prophetic approach of esoteric psychopotence planes, feeding the brobdingnagian owl, Fukuro. Wadsworth climbs Adam’s Peak to rewrite universal history replacing the sacred footprint of Adam with his own as the alpha being throughout actuality. Wadsworth is tested by the figurine of Gautama Buddha, to claim the sacred footprint, an unanswerable phenomenon consisting the transmundane debate of four religions, of who debuted in the universe first, Adam, The Buddha, or Shiva. Shikkusu Nain invades the Padmanabhaswamy temple to obtain it’s unimaginable opulence. Disturbing the yogic sleep of the serpent Adisheshan, and infiltrate the guarded sealed door, rumored of containing hidden treasures accompanying an apocalyptic legend, drawing attention to himself exposed to the world.

Nietzsche wins the assignment of the “Dream Asylum” but Deon loses, Dryzargnia, Deon’s demon, immune to Religious, Ideological, Philosophical and Political nature makes his appearance unveiled within the Voynich Manuscript. An illustrated codex, hand-written, in an unknown writing system that can cause the permanent cessation of Dryzargnia if deciphered. Dhaodrius obtains the Sozo-ryoku skull, enticing the planetary monkey kings and their battalion interested in its power. The skull transforms Dhaodrius into his galactic angelic form “Mecha & Robe”, with his limitless power of Complete Arsenal, he single handedly overcomes his adversaries and loses his consciousness, soon to be discovered by Goddess Ariadne, Shiva Decimates Wadsworth, crushing his sculptured Encephalon.

Akushonburonson participates in sexual intercourse with a 2000-year old immortal embalmed mummy. Deflecting the perpetual cyclic renewal of life and infinity, the concept of eternity and the eternal return. The cycle of life, death and rebirth, leading to immortality, the symbolic laws of Ouroboros to achieve 10th Dimension Physiology, a single timeless everything. In search of Dhaodrius deon is bitten by a 75 million year old inchoate dragon, that survived, nesting in the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Resulting in blood poisoning known as Septicemia, given an antidote to counter the venom that accompanies his previous saurian wound during his bairn days, a secret society manipulated by the earth’s elite known as the Illuminati, offers him to become a member. Cloning him through his intoxicated DNA for a human domination agenda, rendering the expiry of the celestial body’s life force unless he is initiated into the empire.

Astounded his belief of Nihilism intertwines the noble eightfold path of buddhism and the origination of multiple fictional characters. Schizophrenic Philosopher, Philostratus the Elder’s spermatozoa is collected by a succubus through nocturnal emissions, the demon impregnates demonic surrogate women roaming both Jigoku abode and the wandering star. In the process debuting a vengeful son, Philostratus the Younger, who is bent on decimating his father, for conveying his identical sister into nothingness, after becoming involved in the creation of the Amaterasu and Susanoo deity siblings who emerged due to time alteration. Troy Stuart, an eleven year old boy, stumbles upon a puppet who has the ability to bring to life any toy or magical world. In order to accomplish this capability Troy must search for the crystal lamp, which contains the puppet’s ally, a genie who has long since forgotten his name.

Recovering from his last battle with the planetary monkey kings and their battalion, Dhaodrius convinces Goddess Ariadne, to grant him “Omnipotence” the supernatural power which bestows infinite abilities known to the gods. But when his gift proves to outwit him in terms of the sozo-ryoku’s power, he fears himself, giving ariadne back her ultimate wonder of the kingdom of heaven. Emmy rose now possessed by Avgerinos, encases Ariadne’s Omnipotence in the Panspermia Encephalon, awaiting its arrival on Deon’s 516,000 day old reunion. Petitioning the zodiac extinction of the next generation of Zeus’ offspring, Dhaodrius not backing down from a fight, unleashes the entirety of his power to stop avgerinos, from claiming the imperial gem of heaven. After he is informed Typhon has been banished from Rakuen Peak. The Triad insignia court denies Avgerinos’ request, to submit the discarnates of the twelve offspring of Cybele’s Ikimono Zodiac, to proceed Mentifery Amalgamation, the mental expression of Omnipotence.

In the corrupted perfection’s plot to warp the Multiverse into nothingness, decreasing the presence of Jesus in each reality, forfeiting world redemption. Deon is approached by “God” and attacks him with an off-guard strike fused with his Ryujin Saurian Sword. But the most high endures it, due to the fact he is virtually immune and cannot be affected by anything and everything, a power known as Omnilock. The Almighty reveals himself and explains his earthly occurrence debuted of deon’s profanity towards him, as Deon is in his image, with his surname meaning “Of the Lord”, who is one with the father. Thus not only repudiating God but himself as well, intertwining the two as one, a demon the most high purified, from Wadsworth’s game.

God disciplines deon, rendering him nonexistent as a homage to Epicurus’ Quote, showcasing a death experience in its presence, a process proceeding the expiry of his discarnate and corporeal being. The Triad Insignia court awaits the pending of avgerinos’ sentencing, after he challenges the essence of his superiority, rivaling Sun Wukong, the monkey king with the goal to become Heaven’s equal, and Avgerinos-Satan who seeked the almighty appellation and power of God. Deon’s Unknown mother, Rabbaucseerseo, of the Illuminati, derived from his possible common ancestor, Hans Martin Pfeiffer, hire his clone Chlevasmos, to overcome his fool’s invincibility. As a replacement for surpassing the Messiah Complex, the son she longed to mold. The Omni-Embodiment which emanated from deon’s name is gathered by God, with the almighty’s image descended into an omni-coma after absorbing the totality of evil, who vows his vengeance of deon’s loss in his hands. Casting Chlevasmos of the Illuminati’s derision into the reservoir of perdition. The Diabolical antagonist, Diavolos, has declared war against Hoffman, the hero of Omnificence, who defends the universal life force from absorption by wicked beings. Tearing the page of Virtual Hope from the book of Expiry, resulted in the upset of the universe’s expansion, veiling galaxies and planets in the process.

Until Hoffman finds the culprit in time, the universe will revert back into a dark void, taken place before the theoretical Big Bang occurrence, eons ago. Frozenmantle trades Wadsworth’s book of author authority for his ashes gathered from the shattered sculptured encephalon at the wrath of Shiva. The Ice Princess plots to submerge the heavenly body under “Ichor” the ethereal golden blood of Hades and Moloch Horridus Cyndrenth, to baptize the neonate, of the Woman of the Apocalypse, into Hell Lordship. Dryzargnia captures the fallen angelic souls to offer to Incurgias, devouring and regurgitating, the soul case and feathers of the winged vertebrate discarnates to shape and form his saurian diadem.

Deon and Jesus engage in divine conversation in heaven, where they discuss, satan who tried to tempt the lord with the kingdoms of the world and their glory. With deon who was also tempted by satan’s tools the Illuminati who offered him protection, powers and success. A timid faithful christian named Angeliaforos, with a philosophical view, questions why god destines his creations to die, is destroyed when God allows an enemy from which through him all things are made, in his path to take his life. Developing an abandonment of his religion, he realizes that there is suffering on both sides of the coin, either repudiating the heavenly father ending up in hell for eternity in the process, or accepting the obstacle he’s been dealt and forgive to be forgiven of his sins. Before his day of reckoning, he drinks the blood of jesus which bestows the infinite possibilities through christ, making the being whole, he donates his semen to a succubus breed almighty demonic forces to slaughter God and his children in heaven.

With the collector succubus as sovereign in the sacrosanct kingdom, as revenge for the false pretense of sheltering under omnipotent protection. Dhaodrius, Lycaon, Nietzsche, Watusi and Junby pays Dionysus a visit. To negotiate his maenads to feed the dead, reawakening deon’s existence. Wadsworth returns embodying the totality of chaos and manipulates the chaotic performance on earth and the universe to cause disorderly enemies. Wadsworth reveals that his author authority orchestrated Deon and Dhaodrius’ encounter, the empyrean betrayal and his Yahweh complex disposed by shiva. Given an account Typhon is chained to his command, and Goriate is possessed, summoning the Milky Way Skeleton limb Tarantula to brawl an infuriated Dhaodrius in his corrupted angelic mode caused by the chaos manipulation “Blasphemous & Cerecloth”, who is later instantly slaughtered by Wadsworth, A grieving Ariadne weeps in Ichor Melancholy.

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