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Dr. MJ Watson

5 Ways To Get thru….

1) Be honest with what you want
? oh sweet Jesus! 

?I do not really want 1:1 ?(the normal way)✨
?I do not ?want group✨
?I want to offer my bundles ? Everything you need is within, sometimes a JOLT from a book or comment from an article is what you crave! ✨ 
 2) Do not crave love acceptance validation outside you
?I was afraid, people want XYZ, but there are people who want what I offer in the container I offer it. If I am teaching (which I am) YOU WERE BORN WORTHY and ?You get to have anything you desire I have to believe that’s true and possible for me also! ✨ I do not need anyone to validate my choice, I choose my choice and it feels juicy good to me on the inside, at the core, in my belly, gut, as I follow my Inner Navigation System!
3) Have courage your gut “Inner Navigation System” is wise enough to guide you
✨ I do not need anyone to validate my choice, I choose my choice and It feels juicy good to me in the inside, at the core, in my belly, gut, as I follow my Inner Navigation System!
?There comes a time when you MUST answer the call of your soul even if that call is ENTIRELY different than you expected!? Go with it, own it, embrace it, stay with it, live it, follow it out, follow it thru until the end! ✨

4) Plan out how you will obtain your inherent desire

?I actually use my own bundles to heal and have had some coaches whose words catapulted my success, ?but truth be told it was only 2, maybe 4 of them, the rest of the healing I did myself (most won’t admit that). My goal, my plan includes doing the inner work, daily and checking in when needed, with ones who help me most. Most of the time, it’s checking my Inner Navigation System to see what’s up and going with what my soul (gut, Inner Navigation System ) tells me! #BOOM✨ 
 5) Surrender & Allow
?BOTTOM LINE: I know how to have a fucktastic life and a fuctastically successful business and I can teach you, or teach you how to have whatever version of a FUCKTASTIC Life & or Biz of YOUR dreams, on your terms, b/c you fucked the bullshit story you were told by (self, others) and stop seeing yourself thru others eyes–?Fundamentally what I do is teach you to love YOU, and STOP seeing yourself thru others’ eyes so you can live your best life! I also teach you to work thru the shit as you create your best life! I am doing this my own way via my own service container, those that want it come on, those that don’t well they can go find what they need elsewhere!✨
?I will offer some 1:1 intensives for those that need a friend, consultant, coach, etc. 2 Hour intensives are open as well! ? #boom ✨
?Funny enough this was how I always wanted to serve and ✔ the ways in which I made most of my money, even in the beginning. Hello 5 figure month in month 1 of business, and how I manifested $15k✨ out of thin air!? I put in the work, of course I did, but I KNEW it would happen. I manifested my way out of Corp ?and new opportunities waiting in the wings ?, that I LOVE?~!✨ 

? If you want my in depth ?support ? -Review VIP Soul Journey On-Demand Coaching Bundles . 

 Here’s What You Get: VIP Soul Journey On-Demand Coaching Bundles ~Instant Access Upon Payment to Bundles Resources in the MACSJC Portal related to holistic health, soulful life creation, business creation, revenue generation, and mindset. The superpowered Portal is comprised, jam-packed with anything and everything- eCourses, eBooks, Formulas, Mindmaps, Meditations, Affirmations, JPEGS, Strategies, Videos, etc.-that you need to fortify, accelerate, enhance, propel, and transform every single aspect of your life, business and catapult your healing, evolution, growth, abundance, and wealth!

?I am Dr. MJ Watson-Psychneuroimmunologist + Life & Business Stratgist supporting and fundamentally teaching those who want to stop seeing themselves thru others’ eyes and begin to create an ?Intimacy? Incubator™ with themselves-loving themselves, validating themselves, honoring and accepting themselves, falling in love with themselves and belonging to themselves FIRST! In To Me I See- Intimacy is at its core ~ close familiarity, friendship; closeness. A private cozy atmosphere. Intimacy is deeply knowing a person and feeling deeply known– To create, facilitate intimacy within yourself; so you find in yourself, what you searched for outside yourself. ? To know yourself intimately allows you space to Nurture and heal yourself while learning your needs! I support those that want to know the ROOT cause of their pain, which embodies creating an ?Intimacy? Incubator™ for themselves!! Thru the MAC SJC Coaching Practice I utilize proven methods combining my real-world PhD level education that I used to heal my own pain and CATAPULT myself to success, and my drive to guide others from their own healing into their success in a holistic, spiritual, and practical way. I utilized meditation, mindfulness, and healing, personal development, alignment, spirituality, plus helping others transform as a way to transmute my pain into passion and purpose! ? I also Fundamentally teach you to work thru the “BS”, “stuff” as you create and your best life !


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