Nisaa Byrd

Old Friends

The night sky looks beautiful as always

  Hello old friend, we haven’t seen each other in awhile 

The stars sit in the sky, twinkling like they always do 

Hello my loves, please sing me a song like you used to when I was young

The air still sits quietly and waits for the hours to tick by 

Please we haven’t spoke in while, please keep me cool while I lay here and remember the old days when all I used to do was speak to you. 


Old friends is all I see as I lay here looking at my ceiling

Do you remember when all I used to do was listen to the songs from the stars and stare at the night sky. Looking at the reflection of the colors bounce off of each other?

There memories are ones I used to ignore but now they have hit me harder then I ever remember 

The memory of you guys and the one I love 

The one I loved before I started breathing in this tainted air…. 

This tainted air of lies and deception 

Before I knew what a broken heart felt like 

What having it ripped out of my chest and stepped on felt like 

Before I knew what betrayal was of the ones you love the most 

Before I just knew… 


Old friends will you take me back and hold me like you used to when the day would hurt me. 

This is what I wish for… my old friends to forgive me 

I used to think I was lonely with no one around but I was wrong 

The night and the stars 

The wind and the figure …. 

The figure that used to hold me when I cried myself to sleep 

The figure that would hold me when my mind would fall into the black goo that would wait for me every nigh when I closed my eyes…

  He was my friend and I left him alone 

I wonder if he’s gone ? 

If he figured out that I was now fully tainted and no longer the one he used to hold. 

Instead laying in the bed … the bed we used to share as we listened to the stars. 

Did he watch as I laid my head upon someone else instead of his? 

Did the stars realize that their songs no longer brought happiness too my ears instead I had rather hear my own moaning instead of a lullaby ? 

Did the wind realize how much colder I got as each time I breathed in this toxic air ….

and did the moon realize that I no longer enjoyed its brightness that kept me staring in the direction it was in? 




Do my old friends not forgive me because I forgot all about them all together ? 

Is this what this toxic air has done to me, has it finally seen that I am no longer the same person that I used to be. 

Or am I just that bad of a friend to realize years later that my friends no longer mean the same to me. 

Is it to late for forgiveness … 

I’m so sorry my old friends that I have hurt you in the way I did. 

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